Hope Less, Romantic.
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Hope Less, Romantic.

Her hair: intertwined with mine like fine lines in disguised pines.

Our lives: making life like lovers do - letting our mistakes live to let ourselves.

Who's who in this zoo built for two?

Will I find time to find the kind of mind that pries at mine despite the time I've formalized into time I can't divide?

I try to meet ends with the women that I meet, really never knowing me - like a fish without a sea and falling bird without a breeze - easily bequeathed with ways to satisfy and please.

I evaluate the fragile and get diagnosed a cynic.

I empathize with strength but get too into it to win it.

I believe that I am different for the sake of being different but if everybody's different, then everybody isn't.

I feel it is my life, and it's none of my fucking business.

Hopeless romantic.

I hope it's not malignant.

Hope less, romantic.

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