Before I Go
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roman Zombie art is dead.
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This was a time in my life roughly 9 years ago or so. What I did after I wrote this brought me to exactly where I am today.

Before I Go

Time has been still for far too long

It's time to stand still and prove time wrong

I haven't moved in 2 years, now I hope I'm strong

If I'm not, I do not belong

I feel the time I've spent is rock, I can't know what to do

But when I spend my next few years I hope I live them through

I hope to do the thing I never had the heart to do

I hope to push through you and blue and prove the life I knew

I want the life of admiration, the one with excitement

Not the boring illegitimate shroud of gloom and tint

The one that fills your mouth with shit. In the end, you learn to spit

The now and then of every day where you've no clue what you're to get

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