A Still Night Still
A Still Night Still existential stories

roman Zombie art is dead.
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I was in a pretty shitty place when I wrote this. I had no one to talk to for months, so I wrote this.

A Still Night Still

Four white walls, one straight noise

Artificial girls always pick on the boys

Four worlds out, one world in

Four is more if one is gone and none begins to spin

You are me and I am you

And I'm with us that orbit you

Stare and glare don't weep and moan

To no surprise you've wet your eyes and now deserve a throne

I will walk away alone

I would put my hands together, knee to ground to knee

But with so many gods, and so many streets, how can one god bleed?

I believe in me

Imaginary crickets - they sit on swings and kick their legs

They watch and wait for me to wake and chirp throughout my day

I stand tall - a thousand craters in my hands

For what they've done is dark and bland - attempt to understand

I am only a man

Sarcastic spies hold eyes that lie and lips that follow suit

Tongues will roll but karma's bold - enough to come back through

I see your cuts and scabs construed but souls, they do not bruise

It's very cold when past is present and future is bad news

I wish I had some food

I am hungrier than you

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