Myriad the Mermaid amd Oscar the Oyster
Myriad the Mermaid amd Oscar the Oyster nature stories

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A simple and cute fairy tale I made

Myriad the Mermaid amd Oscar the Oyster

There was a beach that was home to many beautiful creatures. Among the fish, crabs, clams, lobsters, seagulls, pigeons, mermaids and others who dwelled there, lived The Oysters.

The Oysters were known for making magnificent pearls.

So pure was their beauty that anyone who found just one of these would amass a fortune! For these pearls would not show themselves until fully grown. Making them very hard to find.

Now one day there came a group of sailors who were searching far and wide for these rare pearls. Every so often they would come by and search every oyster they could find along the shore.

After that they would go back home to return next time. Oscar was especially fond of his pearl for he had it for a very long time.

“If only there was some way I could hide it so no one would ever take it. I have been very lucky that no one searched me yet.” he thought.

Now the mermaids that live nearby were known for having magical hair. There was one that caught the attention of the oyster for her hair was long and green.

Oscar approached her saying “Excuse me, what is your name and may I ask for your help?” In turn the mermaid replied “I am Myriad, the beautiful mermaid of green and to what may I help you with?

” Oscar said “There are seamen who come by every now and then in searching for the pearls that we grow.

I would like a lock of your hair so that way I can cover my pearl with it and it will look like a ball of moss.” “Sure!” she said.

Gently pulling apart a small lock of her hair and giving it to the oyster. “Just be sure to give it back at the end of the day or else consequences will happen.

” The Oyster obeyed, covering his pearl. Later on during the day the three seamen came back. This time during their search, one of them happened to stumble upon Oscar.

The first one open his mouth. “Ugh! A ball of moss!” the sailor dropped him and left. The second one came by open his mouth and said “Ew! A ball of moss!” then the sailor dropped him and left.

Finally the third one came and just like the other two open his mouth and said “A ball of moss!? Nasty!” then the sailor dropped him and left.

The Oyster was very delighted in what had happened for he knew that no one could discover his magnificent treasure.

Finally, the day had passed and it was time for the oyster to give Myriad’s hair back. At this he reasoned “Its already nighttime.

Why should I give it back? I mind as well keep it so that way I’ll never lose my precious rock.” With that, he went home.

The next morning a small boy was taking a walk next to the beach when he saw Oscar. The Oyster didn’t think anything of it when he let the boy pick him up and open his mouth.

“Whoa!” the boy said “A GREEN pearl?!” He quickly took the rock and tossed Oscar aside, running home as fast as he could. Oscar was furious, Myriad was giggling and Billy started a bakery.

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