Beautiful Souls a poem by Rolf A. Loch
Beautiful Souls

a poem by Rolf A. Loch rhyme stories

rolfaloch Community member
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Many of us are often too focused on our negative features and weaknesses, our limitations. Having that voice in our head saying that we are not good enough, or that we need fixing. That is our ego talking. We don’t need fixing, we only need to calm down the voice of the ego and use our soul to mature the ego, to be back in balance. We all are beautiful souls… many just don’t spend the time and effort to expose it and let it shine. When we balance the soul and the ego, we are in the flow and grow.

Beautiful Souls a poem by Rolf A. Loch

You are a beautiful soul Not broken but whole We all are beautiful souls Pure as water in heavenly falls

You are a blessed and loving soul Gorgeous, humble and joyful We all are blessed and loving souls Highly attractive like magnetic poles

You are a liberated soul Relaxed by a Tibetan singing bowl We all are liberated souls Not being contained in bodily walls.

You are a brave all-knowing soul With high potential playing the lead role We all are brave all-knowing souls Guided through life, reaching our goals

You are a peaceful and perfect soul Perfect in imperfection, keeping self-control We all are peaceful and perfect souls Our deeds recorded in sacred scrolls

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