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Chain, chain, chain....
Chain of drools

Chain (of Ghouls)

The picks rose and fell on hard stone-chink, chink, chink- shovels scraped the pieces away-shquelch, shquelch, shquelch- and the laborers grunted, swore, cried out in torment,

these sounds trapped underground as were the slaves building the highway to Hell. Another highway to Hell. The last one now too small. This one would have an express lane.

Freddie Ghoul, his pick in mid-arc said, "Who you voting for?"

Rence Ghoul , shovel ready to scrape, said, "I'm going with Beelsebob."

Pete Ghoul, hearing this, threw down his pick and screamed, "Are you crazy?!! Beelsebob will raise Texas!! Take away our benefits!"

Rence said, "Screw Texas! And what benefits?"

Tex Ghoul raised his shovel like a weapon, said, "Did I hear blasphemy?"

Freddie said, "Chill, Tex. We know you're voting Satan. Been hearing it for four years now, how great Satan is. Beelsebob for change!"

Rence started chanting, "Beelsebob!Beelsebob!Beelsebob!"

Tex attacked. The chain gang of Ghouls degraded into a bloody riot.

Overseeing the construction of that highway to Hell, on their cold stone thrones, Satan said to Beelsebob, "I wanted Bernie."

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