Crimson Kiss
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rodrigonAtt, Valya
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A man walks in the dark to meet his beloved wife

Crimson Kiss

Inspired by the music "Kuchizuke" by Buck Tick, from the anime "Shiki"

A man walks wearily in the dark.

All he could think of was returning to his beloved wife.

He had been alway from home for a few days, working to sustain his family. And his heart rejoiced at the thought of finally getting home to hold his lady in his arms.

He often thought about their encounter, imagining her warm and soft touch on his skin...

And he kept thinking about it, all his away home.

But now all he felt was an emptiness in his heart.

The man kept walking wearily in the dark...

It was very, very cold,

The room filled with dim light.

Creepy and abhorrent was that sight. He found himself shivering with the cold.

A death silence filled the air.

The mausoleum was both peaceful and unnerving. "Maybe it's just because I'm here at an unfortunate time", the man thought.

The funerary box was open, so that he could contemplate her sight for one last time.

Before she was forever shrouded in the darkness of her endless dream.

She was serene, her skin was pale as the snow, almost as transparent as ice.

The man closed his eyes, agonized.

He imagined again how it would have been their beautiful encounter, so strongly that he could feel it.

He felt himself slowly pulling away from her coffin, but...

He didn't pay attention to any of it anymore.

All he could think of was her soft touch. Light hands caressing his nape, a sweet kiss on his his lips...

Her arms then holding him tightly, but lovingly.

The air was even colder, the light even dimmer.

He cried in joy with the thought of her being there with him, in heart and soul.

But something was not right.

Something was not real.

Her touch, albeit loving, was cold as ice.

She kissed him in the neck, camly.

The dim light had completely vanished already. His eyes saw compete darkness.

He was chilled to the bones.

Last thing he felt was the cold floor on his back, and the crisp, thorny kiss of his beloved on his neck.

And he was glad to face his end by the side of his graceful wife.

Now with crimson lips.


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