A funny feathery day
A funny feathery day stories

rodinasayedA girl who loves to write
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Don't try to make the humming bird angry!😂😂😂

A funny feathery day

by rodinasayed

It was a feathery day at bird world...why?well, because it was the feather day at bird world!

What is the feather day? Well it is when the queen of birds comes back from her castle. Who is the queen of birds? She is the great peacock!

Well she's the most beautiful bird in bird world ! In that special day every kind of bird was waiting for the arrival of the queen...all patient ,but one little humming bird was new to this.

She kept asking"what's so important about this bird?what makes her so special?" When she said that the queen arrived.,.as usual,the queen kept bragging about how beautiful she is.

The little humming bird was not happy about the bragging that the queen had,she went angry ! But the wierd thing is that the humming bird started laughing!

Everyone was laughing at the humming bird !she was jumping and dancing and laughing!she was the most hilarious thing ever!

The end

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