The Hardships Of Doing A Prompt/Request
The Hardships Of Doing A Prompt/Request stories
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rockyraccoonA writer that is pretty unconfident.
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This is to explain why it takes me so long to do the requests I asked for and explain my train of thought.

The Hardships Of Doing A Prompt/Request

By: @rockyraccon

I've been staring at this blank text box for a while now.

Trying to block out other thoughts and focus on what I said I would give.

It's a simple story, one that I should be able to just throw out and be done with it.

The only problem is,

I don't feel it.

When I write, I write to give my ideas.

Wether they be fictional and for enjoyment or to get a point across.

I have to connect with the subject to actualy want to write about it.

For so many years I thought I hated writing since all I wrote was bland essays.

Stating textual evidence of a book that I would never want to read if given the choice.

Or telling the reader why it's important to brush your teeth.

Honestly I never had something FUN to write about.

I always doubted that I was a good writer, since let's face it, a horse could spell better than me. (THANK YOU SPELL CHECK!)

I had ideas of "what if?"s that would keep me writing a story in my head for weeks.

Playing goalie in elementary floor hockey? Think up another event to happen to the protagonist!

I FELT something in those stories. I had created them from start to finish.

Actualy most of them were fanfiction, so I hadn't really created them, but you get the point.

When I started recreational writing, I found a new outlet for me to go creatively.

I still thought I sucked at essays, but then I began getting better grades on them than my friends.

Don't take that as I'm bragging, I'm just stating the observations I've made.

Then I got into controversial stuff.

I wanted to write a poem, and that's where "Do You Feel The Pain" came in.

One of my friends read it, and told me it was really good.

I of course thought that she was just being a friend and lied about it.

But I posted it on here anyways as my first Commaful story.

I continued to write what I felt, and that's what has brought me to this now not-so-empty text box.

I could write for hours strait about the history of the Revolutionary War,

But make me write a small essay about how I 'love' my town's fair for maybe a silly ribbon?

I'd rather finish this summer project I've been putting off.

I have to feel something to be able to write about it.

If you're still here, congratulations,

Your prize is this link to my google search of bananas!

Ya... I'm bored if you haven't guessed.

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