The Favorite Child
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rockyraccoon Am I back? Am I gone? Who knows?
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The moon can't shine without the sun.

The Favorite Child

By: @rockyraccoon

She was the world's favorite.

The Sun to complement my Moon.

But she was broken inside.

Her sun's flames ate at her from the inside out.

She loved and hatted the popularity.

While I waited in the darkness.

Forgotten... But happy.

My sister asked me why I was so happy.

She had tried everything to find her own happiness.

So I shared my darkness with her.

I told her that you can either be afraid of the dark or love it.

While there are terrible creatures of the night, there is also bliss.

The quite peacefulness of being alone.

She would then come to me to share my darkness.

Though her light would soon shine in the dark.

The popularity would reach out to me.

They saw me as the lame little sister.

She was their favorite, while they hated me.

But did it get to me?

Nope... At least I don't think so.

Her get away became a nightmare.

For the darkness is no longer dark once you add light.

Fast forward a few years and she was a popular actress.

Though she still wasn't happy.

Her light still hadn't abandoned the dark.

And she wanted it back.

She felt as if I had taken away some of her popularity.

But she was still their favorite.

Until they noticed that the sun had it's flames.

Then they turned to the night.

The cool breeze with a star covered sky.

Now I am the favorite.

The moon may not shine on it's own.

It needs the sun to be seen.

So thank you for shining your sun so they would notice my moon.

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