Someone Else Completed Him
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rockyraccoon Am I back? Am I gone? Who knows?
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He completed me, but now he completes her.

Someone Else Completed Him

By: @rockyraccoon

I thought that I was his everything.

He was certainly mine.

He fixed my broken parts.

He brought the real me to the light.

He kissed my cuts and held me through the pain.

He told me everything would work out in the end.

He made me laugh when all hope was lost.

He asked for nothing when I was a mess.

He listened to me when I needed someone to rant to.

He looked into my eyes and told me he loved me.

He completed me.

But someone else completed him.

I was only a friend.

She was given the tools that had once fixed me.

She was changed for the better as I became known as a monster.

She was the reason he stayed to help me survive the night.

She was told that she was his future.

She laughed harder than I ever could.

She gave him her all, and he returned the favor.

She would never be angry near him.

She was given the same "I love you" line that I was.

She completed him.

And to this day I still wonder.

And to this day I still wonder. Why did he have to marry my sister?

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