Insanity's Calling
Insanity's Calling threat stories

rockyraccoon Am I back? Am I gone? Who knows?
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"Insanity's on the phone. Should I tell them you're not available?"

Insanity's Calling

By @rockyraccoon

Strange noises filling my head.

Trying to pry their way to my mind.

Maybe it's my imagination?


Nope, Just the speaker that sits in my locked bedroom.

Stupid dare.

How did I get myself into this?

Just listening to random sound effects connected into a "song."

Insanity's calling. It wants it's voice back.

I guess there's nothing else to do but listen as I stare into the eyes of my "friends".

Their earbuds preventing them from hearing what I'm hearing.

To feel the pain that I'm feeling.

Wow, since when have I been so deep?

The noises bounce off the walls, their echos distorting my vision.

And laughter, but not recorded.

How dare my friends laugh like that.

At me.

At what they have done.

At their dear friend, Olivia.

Who was now trying to drown out the noises.

But that's not them laughing,

Not anymore.

It's me.

A deep grin starts to form on my face.

The noise is my real friend.

The girls have no idea what's coming to them.

The traitors.

I start with a chuckle and then it grows

Until I am laughing my head off.

One of the girls rushes to turn off the sounds,

But it's too late.

I've reached out my hands.




Pump pump. Pump pump.

Pump Pump. Pump pump.

Pump... Pump...


"Ma'am, Anya's dead."

"How could this happen?"

"It looks like murder."

"What cause?"

"Anya was choked to death by Miss Olivia Grans, you know who that is right?"

"Why would she kill someone? Olivia has been the nicest little child!"

"It's 'had been' ma'am. And the doctors say that it is insanity."

"My daughter was not insane! What if Anya was murdered by a real criminal?"

"Just calm down... Wait, did you say daughter? Wow, you're really as crazy as they say."

"What are you talking about?"

"If you'll just follow me, you're going to go to a nice place where they can help you."

"Wait! Stop!"

"Ma'am! Let g-"

Pump pump. Pump pump.

Pump Pump. Pump pump.

Pump... Pump...


"Bye bye!"

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