Bus #20
Bus #20 school-bus stories
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rockyraccoon Am I back? Am I gone? Who knows?
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Next stop, school!

Bus #20

By: @rockyraccoon

Bitter cold Or heats untold Bags on backs Wanting to relax

Dad jokes Old folks Wishes of knowledge Worried for college

The bus comes in The ride begins Loud noise Teen girls and boys

Hushed secrets Morning bleakness Truth or dare Meaningless swear

High school and middle A friend's orchestra fiddle It's gossip central The teacher's mental

Seat fourteen View the scene The radio's gone But she sings the song

Earbuds are handy Scarfing candy Finishing homework "You're a jerk!"

The ride ends Make amends Thank the driver Emerge as survivors

Hey humanoids (and dogs, cats, goldfish, etc.)! This poem has been inspired by a close friend's recent (joking) poetry style, the "school bus" daily prompt, and real events.

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