It Was Just A Tattoo
It Was Just A Tattoo art stories
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roc Yeah... So here's Wonderwall
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For those who's ships are merely passing in the night

It Was Just A Tattoo

It was just a tattoo

That’s all it was

The woman with the wolf tattoo

It embodied you all too perfectly

But like seeing a wolf in the wild

You stopped me in my tracks and froze me

In a blink of an eye

And you were gone

It was just a tattoo

An image now burned into my dreams

The dreams where we lay there for hours

Hours of conversation

I was never more honest in my life

It was just a tattoo

Something that we do to leave a permanent reminder

A reminder of these fleeting feelings we chase

A race to relive those moments over and over again

The moments where the world outside of us melted away

It was just a tattoo

A picture on your skin

An image that will forever haunt me

The shadow of you is casting over anyone I meet now

No one will seems to stand up to you

The woman

And her wolf Tattoo

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