A Kind Man
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I got bored writing this, sorry.
Sorry if it's chaotic or weird, english isn't my first language.

A Kind Man

I only ever met one man I'd call truly kind. I have no idea how or when i met him, but when i was completely lost walking through a dark forest; I saw his face and it seemed familiar.

He was waving for me to come with him to his little cabin to stay the night.

I either trusted him, or I was just desperate for a place to stay the night and protect myself from whatever's out there.

- Caspian? Caspian Wool? - I asked as if he were an old friend of mine. - Is this really you? -

- Yes, it's me. Come in Robyn, these woods are dangerous at night. - He said as shocked to see me, as i was to see him.

- Sit on that chair right there, I'll make us a tea, and we'll talk - He pointed at a very comfortably looking chair and went to the fireplace, which had a kettle with hot tea above it,

as if he was expecting guests.

He put a mug and the kettle in front of me, then he sat across me. As he sat, light revealed his face to me.

He looked very old, as if centuries old, but his mannerisms and movements seemed like those of a 20 year old man.

Apart from his very long beard, which had to measure at least 20cm, he had no hair on his face. Every single centimeter of his skin had a mole, which were separated only by his scars.

- So, Robyn; we don't have much time to talk.

I think my life might be up to an end, but please tell me; how did you get here and what are you running from? - He asked kindly sipping tea from a chipped mug.

- It seems i don't have answers to those questions Mr. Wool. It seems I woke up in this forest, and it feels as if i was roaming it for years, but it's still as dark as it was when i woke up.

I have to ask; What do you mean by saying that your life might be up to an end? - I could hear my voice cracking as if i was about to cry, but i didn't feel like crying.

- That's not knowledge you may acquire. - He smiled - What's the last thing you remember before waking up here? - He asked.

- It's all foggy, but i remember doing some everyday chores, and then... - My stomach sank. - I remember seeing an outlandish figure.

The last thing i remember is the figure pointing a skeletal finger at me. - I said almost losing control of my voice.

- Ah, so he chose you. - He looked worried. - Well, i might be able to help you, but you need to hide - Mr. Wool got up and started looking around, as if looking for a place to hide.

- Here, go through the trapdoor, and when you stop hearing anything; leave it, and go to sleep on my bed. You should wake up in your bed as if nothing happened.

- He said pointing to the floor below his rug.

When i went inside, he covered up the trapdoor, and started calling something i believe to be a name, but i don't have even the slightest idea on how to write down that sound.

Finally, after about five minutes; I heard knocking on the door. I didn't see anything, but i believed it to be that figure i saw.

The creature started making some guttural sounds, and i could hear Mr. Wool talking to it.

"You can't take that woman, she's too young for this! I don't care that you need a new keeper! Did she even do anything evil to get this fate?

That's what i thought! If you free her, i'll agree to stay here for longer. I'm experienced, i don't make mistakes.

Do you know what she could do on the first day? She'd let every soul roam free! I can stay here forever if it means, that you'll stop cursing other people to come and replace me.

Do we have a deal? Fine.

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