It snowed inside my head
It snowed inside my head winter stories

robotic_nebula Poetry, fiction, and sci-fi writer
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It snowed inside my head.

It snowed inside my head

It snowed inside my head. Muting the sound of my thoughts, and numbing my very soul under a frozen coat.

And for so long it kept snowing, until my arms grew tired from constant shovelling, until my heart stuttered to a stop - overheated from trying to keep warm.

And it kept snowing. Until a thick layer of white ice covered everything, Hiding every trace of my ever being there.

Facing this blank landscape of mind, I stood frozen in place and space and time.

until - in the distance a single call startled a step from me.

Under moonlight I kept walking, Crossing the winter stillness in my head, to once again engrave my footprints in the immaculate sheet of snow.

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