Breakage and Repair

Breakage and Repair forgiveness stories

robotic_nebula Poetry, fiction, and sci-fi writer
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An attempt at a villanelle to make up for my lack of activity! I´m working on a few poems at the moment so more will follow soon :)

Breakage and Repair

Mending is best carried out delicately, Because breakage itself is not a disaster, Repair defines the remainder of your story.

Start by assembling all the pieces carefully, Like you would with a cup you just shattered, Fixing must be carried out delicately.

Truce is most needed when foolish ideals face reality, Ideally - before ashes and ruins are all that remain from fiery anger. Rebuilding defines the rest of our history.

Every instrument needs tuning to reach harmony, Train you ear to recognise your heart´s own measure, Adjustments must be carried out delicately.

Settle with even the hard things that can´t be resolved, finally, Such as the estranged friend, or sister – or family member. Such repairs, most of all, will define the path of your story.

Practiced reconciliation gets easier (it does). No matter How big the conflict – the things left unsaid – just remember: Mending is best treated delicately, Cherish the repair as also part of your story.

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