She's Online...
She's Online... love/ regret /remorse stories

robot_boy Robots need love too
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She's online. Is she looking at my chat window?

She's Online...

She's online.

Is she looking at my chat window?

The way Im looking at hers?

Like two distant lovers looking at the same moon on a cold clear night.

Is she hesitating to write to me?

The same way I'm afraid to write to her?

Like the words are the pieces of our heart, and we could loose ourselves.

Is she loosing courage in us?

The same way Im afraid I am in myself?

Like what I did destroyed the foundation of trust and what we had will forever be a remnant of disrepair.

Because I swear if I could just see her again, I would summon the courage to built upon those Foundations once more.

And If words are the pieces of my heart, and my chest a cannon, I'd fire them upon the moon so you and I could see them forever.

I could loose everything...

I would loose everything.

The pieces of my heart, they dont belong to me anyway.

I was just trying to keep them warm for you.

Shes offline now anyway.

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