To hell with it! Begin -
To hell with it!
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robinkhatri Community member
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To hell with it! Begin -

To hell with your smile,

To hell with your praise.

To hell with your laughter

To hell with your gaze,

Pull your mask and say it already,

To hell with your love,

To hell with your life.

To hell with your safety,

To hell with my fright.

Kill me Goddamit,

Spare me some pain.

You got here already,

Leaving home so far.

You guilt ridden mason,

Your journals of travel,

Your self elevating pleasers,

Your speck of pride.

Your life and death,

Your music and mess.

I want to go away,

Go away in peace,

Go away in love,

Go away in war,

Go away in numbness pain I felt,

Go away in mindless dumb I met

I want to quit, I quickly quit.

But Before I quit, I terribly quit.

I mourned, and laughed,

I lost some mind.

I lost some more,

And the rest is burning

I quit, I quit, I terribly quit.

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