A Hostel Experience
A Hostel Experience youth stories

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The first of many chapters of youthful, idyllic hostel life.

A Hostel Experience

The door opens and a girl walks in.

A naked boy stands next to the shower, on his face he has applied a blueberry enzyme mask.

He turns his head.

Their eyes meet.

"I need my toothbrush." she says.

He stares at her.

He closes his eyes.

She slowly and cautiously walks over and takes her toothbrush off the sink; she never faces away from him.

Her eyes are glued to his naked exterior.

He breathes in and out.

She returns to the door.

She lingers.

" ... Can I ... use that enzyme mask?" she says.

"Get out." he says.


She leaves, shutting the door behind her.

" ... You could have locked it." she says.

"Get away."

" ... You're pretty hairy."

"Move away from the door."

" ... Bye."

He steps into the shower.

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