Lebron's Fight For The Crown šŸ‘‘
Lebron's Fight For The Crown šŸ‘‘ nba stories
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Lebron's Fight For The Crown šŸ‘‘

It didn't look good initially. He was frustrated. They didn't even make the playoffs.

But he battled on. He believed in himself. He used his powers to make the impossible happen.

It was a Hail Mary. But it worked. Welcome AD

But it was still not a lock

AD is great. And Lebron is great. But they had other teams to worry about.

The clippers.

The bucks

Even the rockets.

Most people doubted them.

But they never backed down

And then history changed

Kobe passed

RIP mamba.

And suddenly the season was more than just about a championship.

It was about a legacy. About honoring. About the mamba

And so the team went to work. More motivated than ever

And they fought their way through everybody.

Through the haters

The doubters

All the way to an NBA title

RIP Mamba. This ones for you

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