Blue Kisses
Blue Kisses dream stories

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Another dream about my crush

Blue Kisses

Waves crashed upon the shore, lapping upon two bodies. A man lay in the wet, dough like sand, shirtless, as I lay on top of him, wearing a vintage little bathing suit.

This was supposed to be a typical California warm summer night at the beach, a cold coke on the pier, fire-roses blooming in the dark, and pinwheels in the sky.

Our lips were locked in a passion that the world rarely sees anymore, a passion for each other, a love between us that was realer than most women's chests.

He pulled him into his strong arms and rolled, now I was beneath him, and he looked down upon me, his long blonde hair dripped with salty sea water upon my sandy and wet body.

He bent down once again and kissed me with a hungry mouth. My hands roamed onto his bareback, where I could feel his shoulder blades hunch as he combed his fingers through my salt stiff hair.

"I never thought I could fall in love with a merman," I said to him, panting heavily as he planted salty sweet kisses down my neck.

My summer lover was a merman, he wasn't half man half fish, but rather half man and half shark.

The sky was blue and serene, and the sun, as if apologizing for not making an appearance the day before, shone hot and bright. It was truly a peaceful scene.

"And I with a human," he purred, kissing me once more. Three sea gulls flew overhead, uttering their eerie and lonely cry.

"Men on land, they don't kiss me the way you do." When a human male would kiss me, it somehow left me feeling unattended and forgotten about.

I giggled when I felt the tiny drops of salt water upon my face that drip dropped off of his long hair.

Looking upon the merman I had fallen in love with was becoming a most refreshing pleasure.

"Merfolk have a love that is deeper than any of the seven seas," he said to me, slapping his shark tail in the shallow water that crawled up the shore.

"I don't doubt that," I said, again hungry for his lips upon mine.

"I'd love to show you the seas where I call my home," he said to me once more.

"I'd love to see the seas where you call home," I said. "If I may be so bold, I'd like to call them my home too."

"But you aren't a merfolk."

"Oh, but I'll learn to hold my breath real good, I promise!"

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