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Inspired by Lost Stars — Keira Knightley from Begin Again.

Is this like TFIOS? I'm not sure.

Four years—best friends since they met the first day of high school. Inseparable and adorable as a pair, despite their unconfessed emotions.

Four years—their feelings towards each other ate themselves up, and neither had the guts to tell anything.

Four years—their final dance. She finally had the guts to speak up about her feelings and sat in front of her front door, all ready and more beautiful.

Four years—she got a call from an unknown number. She answers with her obvious oblivion, heart weighing like a dumbbell.

Four years—they've always held hands, but this time it's different. A bad different.

Four years—he fought hard and determined that he could have that last dance with her. But he couldn't.

Four years—they never said I love you.

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