Save Me
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rlm124 I am just starting poetry!
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My brain saving me from pain.

Save Me

I see him,

In my dreams,

Running rampant,

All over my heart.

I can't put a face to him,

I just know,

He makes me feel a certain way,

With his witty humour,

Dreamy eyes,

And his smile.

Why do I dream this way?

Why can't my lovestruck brain put a face to this loving guy,

And help me find him?

He's clearly my fantasy,

Yet my brain hides his real world identity,

It seems,

To save me from hopelessness.

My brain knows,

If I see him in the world,

My body will break down.

My hopes and dreams for him crushed,

With the smallest hopes of being liked back.

So my brain hides him,

From my heart,

From me,

To save me.

Save me from pain.

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