Butterfly Fly - A Poem by R Meek
Butterfly Fly - A Poem by R Meek love stories

rlm124 I am just starting poetry!
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A poem about a heavy crush that is unrequited

Butterfly Fly - A Poem by R Meek

Butterfly Fly

Whenever I'm around you,

I get that feeling,

How fun it would be,

To be single no more,

To be with you.

You know that feeling,

Butterflies flying,

All around your stomach,

Itching to escape the turmoil,

Inside my heart,

To show its love for you.

Your smiles,

Your laugh,

Your whole personality,

Brings me joy,

You are the boy,

That I want to have.

Not just to love,

But to be best friends with,

To laugh together,

And to tell secrets to,

With the love of my life.

I've been waiting,

For you,

I'm just gonna have to wait some more,

For you to love me,

Like I love you.

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