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My Mind

Don't know where this is going but imma just keep typing and see where I end up.

To explain what happens in the human mind would take an orator, one of a kind with the power to breathe life into sentences, cus it's demented and tormented what goes on inside my brain,

not many could handle the strain.

Every day I deal with anxity, my own brain seeks to teach me a fucked up form of humility on the daily, refreshing me with pain for my Inner demons gain.

Don't get me started on depression, you can never understand my fucking internal responsibility that I put myself under, ain't a choice nor plan it's just apparently who the fuck I am.

Eccentricity is apart of ethnicity, most of my friends can feel the radiation of my electricity but I do my best to keep it under wraps,

turn off the emotional taps from time to time because otherwise I'd just explode.

Haven't done that in years, last time I did it brought my whole family to tears and brought out there deepest fears of me,

things ain't been the same so since then I've done everything I could to be lame.

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