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The last thing I posted was trash so I apologise.

Lemme try again.

Just Hold On

The last thing I posted was trash so I apologise. Lemme try again.

Ever reached the end of your line? When you decide its time?

What do you do? Chug some pills? Throw yourself into some rails? Rope, dope? Drive too fast or starve yourself out until you run outta clout?

It's an empty feeling.

Inside you're mind you're anxieties playing with you're priorities, humiliating you for the exhilarating feeling for yojre inner demon?

Got fears down the block, anger fueling the pyre, leading you to the depression built chopping block.

It feeds yourself destruction, throwing another obstruction until you meet you're final junction.

You don't even notice the slices, rolling the dices on weather or not the blade will cut just an inch too far, yet you don't hold off cus you can't see what you're hands are doing.

How could you? When you're trying to contain you're mental strain, dealing with people who see this as a game, fuck y'all you're all lame, gimme access to the fast lane to end my pain.

Regression around every corner, pushing until you'll need a coroner, making you're mamma a mourner, fueling another cycle of depression.

Yet you gotta hold on.

Surround yourself with love, although I'll admit it's as fleeting as dove but it's a treasure trove to grow a positive mental grove.

You need a relationship, friendship, courtship, mentorship, throw any other rhymes that work cus that shit is always set in stone, so better work now to atone so you can see something in stone,

you're not alone, just hold on!

Sometimes it's a therapy session. Sometimes it's a chit-chat.

Sometimes it's a smoking session.

Sometimes it's a drinking habit.

But honesty I'd say just do what it takes to survive you're mind. It's what I do.

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