Stone Heart Pt. 1
Stone Heart Pt. 1 romance stories

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A new story idea. Comment and leave a feed back. Also will be posting a part two of this draft wrote a lot more then I expected.

Stone Heart Pt. 1

Clay was never a popular kid in fact he was picked on and bullied most of his life. It was never because of his looks but mainly how he acted.

He was always on his own doing things even as a little kid.

Because of that he would be called names and had things thrown at him but he eventually learned to cope with it until the beginning of his middle school years.

It was after a school assembly in the gym to introduce the students to the staff and principle as well as give them a talk about how the school works.

It ran for about an hour and Clay was in the last row farthest seat at the end and some boys had already started picking on him.

They were tossing things at him and he wouldn’t react so they kept egging him on trying to get a reaction out of him but weren’t successful.

They kept doing that for a few minutes when finally a teacher caught on and got mad at the boys.

Because of this the boys were mad at him for getting into trouble even though it was their own fault.

After the assembly was over the principle ordered the kids to head on to class and as usual to avoid any contact with people Clay stayed in his seat until everyone left.

When the last of the students filtered out of the building he got up and left. He walked out of the gym and was almost to the school building when a girl ran by him heading back to the gym.

He just quickly glance at her and thought nothing of it. As he neared the boys from earlier had been waiting for him.

The first boy walked up to him and grabbed Clay by the collar of his school uniform. Boy 1, “You got us in trouble you asshole.” Clay just stared at him not saying a thing.

Boy 1, “Aren’t you going to apologize you little bitch?” Still Clay didn’t respond so the boy just pushed Clay and he lost his balance and fell onto his butt.

He was about to get up when the boy asked his friend for a water bottle. Boy 1, “You must be hot let me cool you down.

” He opened it and poured it over Clay’s head and he still didn’t say anything. The boys expected a response or something but didn’t get one.

Boy 2, “Hey man this guy’s a freak let’s get out of here alright?” Boy 1, “Fine but.” He looked towards Clay and said, “One day I’ll get something out of you.

” He then kicked some dirt at him and walked off with his friends.

By now Clay had grown devoid of feelings and never laughed, smiled, or talked to anyone and pretty much kept to himself. After they left a girl came running to make sure Clay was alright.

She got to him and he looked at her and his eyes were devoid of feelings and were cold and dead.

She was taken surprised by this and for a moment she hesitated to say anything but she finally asked, “Hey are you okay? You’re not hurt are you?

” Clay didn’t expect anyone to help him especially a girl. It wasn’t because he was creepy looking or anything, he actually looked pretty average.

Had an average height and average build and wasn’t anything remarkable except with how he acted.

He looked away from her and slowly got up and said in a lonely tone, “No I’m fine you don’t have to worry about me.

” Claire still seemed genuinely concerned about him despite how he talked and looked. Claire, “Oh are you sure? You don’t need to go to the nurse or anything?” Clay, “Yea I’m sure.

I need to head to class right now bye.” Clay then picked up his bag and headed to class. She looked at him and headed to class as well. It so happened to turn out that they had the same class.

They had made it in time before the bell rang.

They looked at the board and it turns out the teacher had actually arranged assign seats and by a sheer luck they both ended up sitting next to each other.

The class had five rows of desks and six columns. Clay ended it up in column five and Claire ended up in column six.

Clair was a pretty girl with brown hair a little bit pass her shoulders and she was a bit petite.

The Kids sitting around Clay were a bit wary of him and had no interest I him what so ever except for one.

Claire kept looking at him on and off throughout morning classes wondering how he came to have such a cold look in his eyes and what kind of pain he had to endure.

Then lunch time rolled around and as Claire was about to get her food out and ask Clay to eat with her he had already taken off to find a place to be alone.

Claire saw him walking out the class door and quickly gathered her stuff and went after him. He had gone to the back of the school to eat. There was a table there under a gazebo.

It was a perfect place for him since it looked like no one ever goes there. Clay then sat down and was about to start to eat when he heard footsteps from behind him.

He turned around and saw Claire standing there smiling and she said, “Is it okay if I ate with you?” Clay just looked at her with his cold eyes and said, “Sure.

” Claire was a bit uneasy about his reaction since he didn’t show any at all.

Clay just continued to eat when Claire sat down and got her lunch out. She looked at what he was eating and it looked to be just leftovers.

She opened her lunch which, was just sandwiches cut into triangles and packed into her container. She started eating and the atmosphere was heavy and awkward.

They continued to sit there and eat Clay didn’t seem to be affected by the mood at all while Claire on the other hand was really nervous.

She ate slowly and by the time she got halfway done eating her lunch Clay was already finished eating and was about to leave and head back to class.

Claire then put her lunch away and followed saying, “Wait hold up.

” She then started walking by Clay and couldn’t help but keep noticing how expressionless he was compared to the other students around who all had some sort of expression.

The other students stared at the two walking together Claire noticed all the stares and got embarrassed. Clay on the other hand wasn’t phased in the slightest.

They walked like that all the way back to class. They entered together and sat back down at their desks and sooner after class started.

As everyone was getting situated for the start of class a girl named Emma who sat beside Claire tapped her on the shoulder.

Claire looked at Emma who leaned in close to her and asked, “Did you really have lunch with that loser?” Claire cringed a bit at that remark but answered, “Yea I did.

” Emma, “Wow I’m guessing you don’t know about him then huh?” Claire, “No. I haven’t heard anything about him.

” Emma, “Well back in elementary it was said that he was a big crybaby and was a freak who didn’t talk to no one at all. It was also said that he is pretty violent and beat a kid for no reason.

The boy had actually gotten pretty messed up. So that’s why people mainly stay away from him because of that.

Honestly I think he’s just a worthless piece of trash so I wouldn’t associate with him if I were you.

I mean you wouldn’t want to attract unnecessary attention to yourself right?” when Claire heard her say she had a chill go up her back. She didn’t have no idea he had that kind of reputation.

But despite that she didn’t get that feeling from him. The feeling she got from him was of someone who was hurting.

Afternoon classes had gone by and it was time to go home. Claire got her stuff and by the time she was about to head back home Clay had already left.

As Claire was leaving her class she was surprised by a couple of her friends Jen and Caitlyn. Caitlyn, “Hey girl where were you at lunch we missed you.

” Jen, “Yea where were you?” Claire, “Sorry I had lunch with someone else.” Jen, “Ooo did you already find yourself a boyfriend.

” Claire sighed, “No I didn’t it was just someone from my class is all.” Caitlyn, “Ooh let me guess it was a guy?” Claire, “Yea it was but so what he seemed lonely so I ate with him.

” Jen, “Oh that’s so typical of you.

” Caitlyn, “Yea so in order to make up for not eating with us let’s go get some ice cream of pizza and hang out for a bit and talk about all the cute boys here.

” Jen, “Yea we should come on Claire it’s the least you could do we’ll even treat.” Claire, “Yea okay let me just call my mom and let her know.” Jen and Caitlyn both said, “Yay okay.

” She called her mom and she said okay. The three girls then walked into town and as they were walking they passed a few alleyways and Claire looked down one and saw Clay corned by the three boys from this morning. She stopped and made sure it was him Jen and Cait also stopped and asked, “What are you looking at?” Claire, “That boy he’s being bullied.” Jen, “Oh it’s just that creep.” Claire looked at Jen surprised by what she heard. Jen, “Let’s just go we wouldn’t be able to do anything.” Cait, “yea let’s go I’m hungry for pizza.” Claire was going to detest but was pulled off by those two. The last glimpse she saw of Clay was him being punched.

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