Stone Heart Pt. 2
Stone Heart Pt. 2 romance stories

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Here is part 2 of the story.

Stone Heart Pt. 2

Clay had left the class and was on his way home. He just walked by people and didn’t pay any mind to them. He had gotten pass the school gates and made a right up the street to his house.

He actually lived seven blocks away from his school so he walked most of the time.

He had gotten halfway home when the same three guys from this morning were standing in front of a convenient store. Clay paused for a moment but then started walking again.

He was hoping to pass by them without them noticing but the street was pretty empty so it would be impossible but he still risked it.

Boy 1, “Hey Jake you got any money?” Jake, “Nah sorry man I don’t have any, maybe Liam does.” Liam, “Yea sorry Will I don’t have any either.” Will, “Damn wanted to get something to drink.

” That’s when Jake noticed Clay coming and said, “Hey maybe that loser has some.” Will and Liam turned and saw Clay. Will, “Yea maybe he does let’s go ask.

” They then started walking towards him but before they could say anything Clay just quickly passed them and ignored them.

Will got a little pissed and said, “Hey asshole you’re not going to say hi or anything.” Clay just kept going and didn’t answer and that pissed Will off even more.

Will, “Let’s go after him and make him apologize.” The other two nodded in agreement and smiled wickedly.

They quickly caught up to Clay and Jake and Liam grabbed him by the shoulders and said, “Why don’t we have a little chat over here.

” They then took him down an alley and tossed him into the trash that was there.

As Clay was slowly getting up Will walked up and said, “Now then I’m pretty sure you heard us call out to you so why did you ignore us hmm?” Clay looked at him and didn’t say anything.

This started to get Will more upset, “Not going to answer huh? Well you better and not only that you ought to apologize as well.

” Clay just stood there not responding and that was when Will got mad and stepped towards him and punched him and made Clay fall back into the trash,

“Ha look guys that piece of trash is where he belongs.” Jake and Liam laughed. Clay got back up and Will just kicked him back into the trash.

Will, “Nope trash like you don’t deserve to get up unless you apologize.” Clay still didn’t say a thing and He got back up and that’s when he saw Claire looking at him.

He saw her but didn’t make eye contact with her. Before he knew it she was dragged off by her friends.

He got up and Will punched him a couple of times before he pushed Clay back into the trash again. That’s when Will said, “Wow you are just nothing but trash.

What did your parents not teach you any manners? They are probably nothing but trash too.”

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