Stone Heart Pt. 9
Stone Heart Pt. 9 romance stories

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Claire found out what had happened to Clay and rushed to see him and talk. *Thanks to everyone who is enjoying this so far and since i am close to putting out Part 10 i thought about doing something special for it so it might be out a bit later then usual so stay tuned an d make sure to follow me on twitter @rjim96 thanks everyone and i hope you all enjoy.*

Stone Heart Pt. 9

Claire got to class but didn’t see Clay anywhere. She began to worry as the second bell rang signifying the start of class.

She kept looking at the door for a while hoping he would walk through but as the clock ticked he didn’t.

Then about twenty-eight minutes later during study time which, was basically time for kids to either do their work or what most do gossip.

Well two guys in class had been talking about what Will and his friends had done. She also found out that Clay had been taken to the Principal’s office.

So she went up to the teacher and asked, “Ms. Hampton may I go to the bathroom?” Ms. Hampton, “Yea go ahead.

” Claire got up and walked out the door but once she was far enough away from class she quickly took off to see Clay. She went down the stairs since the Principal’s office is one floor down.

Once she got off the stairs she started running till she made it to the office and she made it just as Clay and his mom were coming out.

Claire and Clay both locked eyes and Debbie knew what was going on and left leaving those two alone to talk.

Claire had to stay as calm as she could until Debbie left but once she did she asked, “What the heck happened?” Clay, “Well I guess we found out those assholes are sore losers.

” He chuckled a bit but Claire was giving him a serious glare.

Clay, “Ok well they went to a teacher and told a lie about how I was the one who attacked them.” Claire, “Well that’s because you were trying to protect me.

” Clay, “Yea well to shift all the blame on me they obviously left out that part.” Claire, “That’s a load of…” Clay cut her off by saying, “Hey, hey, hey, language.

” When he did this she couldn’t help but laugh a little.

But she thought if they left out the part about her she asked, “Well did you tell the Principal what really happened?” Clay sighed, “Yea I hope you wouldn’t ask about that.

Well uhh no I didn’t.” Claire got mad, “Why the heck didn’t you?” Clay, “I didn’t want you to get dragged into this.

I know this sounds harsh but I don’t want people to know that you hang out with me and talk to me. If they found out then you would be bullied and I don’t want that.

I have dealt with this for a long time and it’s something I got accustomed to. I don’t want you to have to deal with all that.” Claire didn’t quite know what to say after that.

She looked down and then said, “Well I am thankful that I got to meet you and for you being so concerned for me.

So uhh what is going to happen with you now?” Clay, “Well luckily the Principal was quite understanding but I still got three days suspension.

” Claire, “Really? I honestly thought it would be a lot worse.” Clay, “Yea tell me about it especially considering my reputation.

But I guess I’ll see you next week?” Claire, “Yea see you next week.” Clay smiled which was one of the very few times he has and the first time Claire saw it.

He waved and turned to head out of the building. Claire watched him walk out and noticed the time and quickly headed back to class.

Clay got to his mom and the car and got in. That was when Debbie said, “You know she is one great friend despite you two having just met yesterday.

I can see why you didn’t want to get her involved.

” Clay was surprised that his mom had known and before he could say anything Debbie said,

“Hey I’m your mom I know how you are and besides it wasn’t too hard to figure out since she came to see you.” Clay didn’t say a thing and his mom just smiled and said, “Alright let’s go home.

” She turned on the car and they were on their way home.

Claire had gotten back to class just as study time was about to end and the teacher looked at her and raised one eyebrow as if saying, “took you long enough.” Claire just mouthed, “Sorry.

” To her and sat down at her desk to get ready for the next class. She thought to herself that it would be weird to not see Clay sitting next to her.

But then she thought that maybe she could see him on Saturday as a surprise and hang out with him.

Then that was when the bell rang for the next class to start and she then shifted her focus on school again.

It took about ten to fifteen minutes for Clay and his mom to get home and by now it was 2 p.m. They got into the house and Debbie said, “Ok sweetie I’m going to start dinner now.” Clay, “Ok mom.

I’ll be up in my room.” Debbie, “Ok I’ll call you down when the food is done.” Clay, “Alright.” Debbie then went into the kitchen and Clay went up to his room.

He took his bag off and dropped it by his desk and walked to his bed and laid in bed. He was already dead tired by now especially after what had happened today.

He laid there looking at the ceiling his eyes slowly getting heavier as he started to drift off to sleep.

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