Stone Heart Pt. 8
Stone Heart Pt. 8 romance stories

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Clay and Claire had thought they had gotten away scot-free but as it turns out some people are just sore losers. *Make sure to follow me on twitter @rjim96 to stay up to date on when I post new parts. Not to mention laugh at all the horrible jokes I make.*

Stone Heart Pt. 8

Clay had walked into the classroom and he could already tell that everyone were already talking about him but what he didn’t realize was it was for a reason.

He had walked in looking ruffed up with his hair in a mess and blood coming down the corner of his mouth. This didn’t help with his current reputation all.

He sat down at his desk and the adrenaline rush that he was on was starting to wear off. His face was starting to throb where he was punched.

He raised his hand to touch his cheek and his palm bushed his mouth and pulled his hand away and saw blood.

So he got up and from his desk and rushed over to a bathroom to make himself look a little more presentable.

He made it to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and started to clean himself up. He wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, fixed his hair, and straightened out his uniform.

He finally washed his hands and dried them off and walked out of the bathroom only to see that Will and his two followers had actually went to a teacher.

They had told the teacher a made up story of what happened to make Clay look even worse than he was.

The story that they had told the teacher was that they were hanging out in the back and that Clay had come up to them and picked a fight.

They left out the part about what they did to Claire to make themselves look like the victims. So having heard so much about Clay’s reputation he had believed them.

So when Clay had walked out of the bathroom they had gotten done telling their lie. That was when the teacher saw Clay and with a stern face walked right towards him.

Teacher, “Clay you are coming with me.” He motioned to Clay to follow him.

So Clay not wanting to make things more worse he followed and walked right by the three boys and Will gave him a real cocky smile and they walked off.

The teacher took Clay to the Principal’s office and as they were walking over there the first bell rang and classes were getting ready to start again.

So the kids started walking in and they all saw Clay being escorted by the teacher and they all assumed he was in trouble and they all hoped that he would get kicked out.

Clay just put his head down and didn’t look at anyone and hoped Claire wouldn’t see him because he knew she would get involved and he didn’t want that.

Claire on the other hand was barely walking back from the courtyard with her friends and didn’t know what was happening to Clay.

He and the Teacher reached the Principal’s office and the teacher made Clay sit down and wait in the lobby as he talked to the Principal telling him what had happened.

Once the teacher was done explaining what had happened the Principal told the teacher to bring Clay in and to wait outside as she talked to him.

So Clay sits down in the chair in front of her and the teacher went out.

The Principal, “I’m pretty sure you know why you’re here right?” Clay just looked down and nodded.

The Principal, “So do you care to tell your side of the story?” Clay knew that if he did then Claire would end up being dragged into this so to avoid that he shook his head.

The Principal, “Are you sure? You know if you don’t then you are going to end up in very serious trouble.” Clay didn’t say a thing and just kept his head down.

The Principal then looked at him and knew that he was hiding something. But she didn’t want to push it since it wouldn’t bear any results. So her only hope was to call his parents.

She got the phone and looked up Clay’s parent’s number and called their home phone. It rang a few times until his mom picked.

Debbie, “Hello?” The Principal, “Hi yes my name is Grace Westly and I’m the Principal at your son’s school and I am sorry to say that Clay had gotten into a fight here at school.

” Debbie, “Oh my, is he ok?” Grace, “Yes he is but he did cause some injuries to the kids he fought with. So because of that I need you to come and pick him up.

I also would like to talk to you about what we plan to do with him as a punishment.” Debbie, “Ok I’m on my way.” Grace, “Ok great see you soon.

” She then hung up and looked at Clay and said, “Well your mom is on her way and she is going to pick you up. So until then if there is anything you want to tell me now is the time.

” Clay still didn’t say anything as he was determined to protect the only friend he has had in a long time.

The principal had hoped that by calling his parents it would persuade him to talk but it failed.

She could tell that he was a good kid and that he was a bit misunderstood but knew that he was either too scared to talk in fear of what might happen or was trying to protect someone.

It took about thirty minutes for his mom to get to the school.

She walked into Grace’s office and saw Clay sitting there and she rushed over to his side and said, “Oh Clay dear are you ok?” Clay said, “Yea mom I’m ok.

” That was when Grace said, “Clay could you wait outside while I talk to your mom?” Clay said, “Ok.” He got up and waited outside.

His mom sat in the seat and she said, “So what happened exactly how did this fight start?

” Grace, “Well we don’t know exactly but from what the victims said Clay was the one who started a fight with them.

” Debbie, “No that can’t be true I know my son and he wouldn’t do that unless he had a very good reason to do so.

” Grace, “Well we won’t know for sure since I haven’t been able to get him to talk and say his side of the story.” Debbie, “Well he might just be sacred.

” Grace, “Yes or he is trying to protect someone which if that’s the case then it’ll be very hard to get him to say anything.

” Debbie, “Then if that’s the case what will happen to my son if he doesn’t talk.” Grace, “Well according to our guidelines about fighting.

All we will do now is suspend him for three days since this is his first offence.” Debbie was a bit relieved that the punishment wasn’t too serious.

Grace, “Well since we got all this straightened out you can take your son home now.” Debbie, “Thank you have a nice day.” She then got up and shook Grace’s hand and walked out.

When she walked out the door Clay looked at her and she said, “Well Clay looks like you’re suspended for three days. What a way to start the school year huh” and she gave him a smile.

By now though she was use to these kinds of incidents. Some were worse but luckily this time the Principal was understanding and fair.

They walked out of the lobby of the office and when they did Claire was waiting and Debbie knew who Clay was protecting and said, “I’ll wait in the car.” Clay nodded and his mom walked off.

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