Stone Heart Pt. 6
Stone Heart Pt. 6 romance stories

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Finally after a long time i have finally posted again sorry for the long wait guys. Also make sure to follow my twitter @/rjim96

Stone Heart Pt. 6

Clay was making his way to class and had a slight smile on his face and his face showed a bit more life in it.

He made it to class before most of the other students and sat down at his desk and started to read again soon after the bell rang and the rest of the students started to make their way in.

The students bunched up and started talking before the teacher came in.

They would gossip and joke around and all Clay would do is pop in his earphones and drown out the noise as he would either read or day dream.

Luckily for him none of the kids in his class really did anything to pick on him or disturb him.

All they mainly did was just gossip about him and make rude remarks behind his back but he didn’t really care.

Claire on the other hand can hear what everyone is saying about Clay which, she doesn’t believe in at all.

She wants to speak up and say something to help Clay but it probably would do more harm than good. So she just sat there doing her best to ignore what the other students say about Clay.

But soon enough the teacher came walking in before Claire had about enough of the other kids. Class and to Clay things couldn’t go fast enough.

Each class to him seemed to drag on slowly as each minute felt like an eternity.

Then after a grueling wait lunch finally came around and Clay couldn’t get up fast enough from his chair as he went to the usual spot he would always eat lunch and waited for Claire to show up.

Claire on the other hand had to handle a few things first before she would met up with Clay. She went to see her friends first so they wouldn’t get suspicious and come looking for her.

She hung out and talked with them for a bit before she made up and excuse to leave and see Clay. She then made her way to see Clay to have lunch with him and get to know him better.

Clay waited impatiently for her to show up and couldn’t focus on reading and so he got up to stretch and to ease his nervousness a bit.

It wasn’t the first time he talked to her but things are different now. He doesn’t see her as just some stranger but something more.

He heard someone round the corner of the building and expected to see Claire but instead saw Will, Jake and Liam.

Will, “So this is where you go nice little place you have here.

” Jake, “Yea it is perfect for us don’t you think Liam?” Liam, “Yea I agree don’t you Will?” Will, “Yes it is no witnesses or anyone to interfere with what we want to do.

Besides it’s not like anyone would come and rescue trash like you.” Jake and Liam laughed a bit.

Will, “Now then are you going to get out of here peacefully or are we going to have to make you leave?

” Clay wanted to fight them and make them leave but he was worried about Claire showing up here because if she does they would associate her with him and make her life terrible.

So he reluctantly got his things together and walked in the direction he think Claire would come from.

But then Will grabbed his shoulder and said, “If I see your worthless self here in this spot again we won’t hesitate to beat your ass got it?

” Clay nodded his head and Will let him go and Clay walked off hoping to find Claire.

As that was happening Claire was on her way over to meet up with Clay.

She had managed to get away from her friends by telling them she had forgotten her lunch in her locker and said she would just eat in class.

They said ok and said that they would just be walking around in the courtyard. As Claire walked she started to get a bit nervous. She tried to think of things to talk about besides books.

She was getting closer and heard some guys laughing where Clay usually sits.

She thought for a bit that he might have made some new friends and went around the corner and saw the three boys she had seen beat Clay in the alley.

The happy expression she had on her face melted away to one of fear. She hesitated for a bit but she kept walking past them hoping that they wouldn’t say or do anything.

But they being the sleaze bags that they are got up and stopped her.

Will stood up and got in her way and said, “Hey there cutie what brings you to this quite part of the school?” Claire, “Umm I’m just trying to look for one of my friends that’s all.

” She tried to go around but Will got in her way again and said, “Come on stay for a bit and chat with us. We might have seen your friend come by.

” Claire, “Well can’t you just tell me now?” Will, “Now where is the fun in that?

” Claire tried looking for another way to get out of that situation and tried to back up and go back the way she came. But Liam and Jake were already there to block her way.

She was cut off and didn’t know what to do.

The only thing she could do for now was go along with what they wanted to do until she found a chance to escape.

She sat down at the table under the gazebo and listened to them talk about nonsense. That was when Will put his arm on her shoulder which, she instantly brushed off.

This made him a bit mad and he said, “Someone is quite rude especially to the people who are trying to help.” Claire, “You are no help at all you guys are far from it.

” Will is getting more and more irritated by the moment that was when Claire said, “If you aren’t going to help me then I’m just going to leave.

” She quickly got up and tried to walk off but Will grabbed her wrist and said, “I insist you stay.” And gave her a devious smirk.

That was when Clay came around the same corner and saw what was happening and his anger flared more than it has in a long time.

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