Stone Heart Pt. 5
Stone Heart Pt. 5 romance stories
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After the days events Clay couldn't help but think of Claire.

Stone Heart Pt. 5

Clay went up to his room after supper that same day. She heard Claire and his dad drive off and he went to sit down at his desk. He sat down and began to think about all that had happened today.

He wondered if Claire was someone he could consider a friend or just someone who would just leave him like everyone else before.

It was something that had happened all too frequently ever since that first incident back in Elementary. But something was different about her something that he never saw from other people.

He felt warmth being around her even if was for a short while. He then laid his head on his desk. That was when his drawing book caught his attention.

He grabbed it and opened it up and flipped past all his previous drawings to a blank page. He grabbed his phone and some headphones along with a pencil. He then began to draw.

He was a fairly good artist as he had taken up the hobby ever since he was alone.

He never took it to school because he knew the other students would take it from him and tear it apart and ridicule him for it.

Every drawing he had made was him pouring out his feelings onto paper with every line he did. He turned on his music to drown out the world around him so he could be in a space all his own.

He began to draw and with every stroke of his pencil it funneled his feelings onto the paper. Little by little his drawing was taking shape.

The drawing soon took the shape of a person a girl in fact with beautiful flowing hair and with a bright smile and caring eyes.

She was standing in front of a boy who was broken and had been feeling lost.

He then drew her giving a hand to boy but he was hesitant not knowing if he should or not with his hand reluctant to take hers.

When he is lost in his drawing he loses track of time and soon enough it was around 12 when he had finished.

He had made a wonderful drawing but like the rest he didn’t like it but still didn’t tear it up or rip it out since this was his way of venting his feelings and what had kept him going all

this time. He looked at it a bit more and put it away. He then got up from his desk and got ready for bed. He laid down on his bed and soon enough drifted off to sleep.

Soon enough the sun rose and was the beginning of a new day. Clay got up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes and slowly started to get ready for school.

He was walking down the stairs soon enough and ate breakfast and was on his way to school at 7 a.m.

He usually left at that time to be at school early so he wouldn’t have to walk with or see anyone.

He was one of the first people to get there but the gate to the school was already open by the teachers.

He strolled onto the campus and made his way to the spot where he ate his lunch yesterday. It was secluded and hardly anyone went to that area.

He sat down at the table and got a book out of his bag. He always enjoyed reading since it allowed him to go to places away from reality and helped him escape even if it was just a mere moment.

The school bell didn’t ring until 8:30 which gave him plenty of time to read since it was only 7:31. But before he could start reading he heard a soft voice call out his name.

He turned around and saw Claire standing there and when they locked eyes she gave him a very sweet smile.

He blushed a bit but tried his best to hide it and said, “Good Morning Claire.” She replied, “Good morning to you to Clay. I didn’t expect to see you here so early.

” Clay just nodded and went to put his book away. But before he could Claire said, “Oh were you about to read something?” Clay, “Yea I was.

” Claire, “Oh what is it called?” Clay then said, “It’s called Divine Zodiacs.

” Claire, “Well that’s an interesting name what is it about?” As she said that she walked around the table and sat in front of him.

Clay knew he couldn’t shy so he began explain it to her,

“Well I just barely started reading it but the main story is about a boy who has is tasked to save the 12 Chinese Zodiacs from being consumed by Evil energy.

Not only that but he has amnesia and has to piece his past back together and figure out the mystery of his parents disappearance as well.

” Clay went on to explain the plot a little more and by the end of that explanation was surprised by how much he was able to talk. Especially to someone he barely even knows.

He noticed how interested Claire was by the description of the plot and said, “Wow that is an interesting book.

Would you mind if you let me borrow it after you are done with it?” Clay said, “Ok yea you can.” By now it was already 8 a.m.

and before they could talk some more Claire’s phone started buzzing with her friends trying to text her to find out where she is.

Claire, “It’s my friends I better go meet them or else they’ll get worried. Sorry that I have to cut things short.” Clay, “No it’s fine don’t worry go and see them.

” Claire, “Ok thanks maybe we can talk more at lunch?” Clay, “OK.” Claire smiled and said, “Great see you then.” She then walked off to find her friends.

After she left Clay couldn’t help but be excited to see her at lunch.

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