Stone Heart Pt. 4
Stone Heart Pt. 4 romance stories

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*I'm back and so is a Stone Heart.* Claire finally gets Clay back home and meets his parents. Not only that but his father sheds some light on his troubled past.

Stone Heart Pt. 4

Claire walked with Clay and wanted to ask more like how all the rumors about him got started but she didn’t want to pry too much. It was another five minutes before they reached Clay’s house.

Claire walked him to the front door and knocked still trying to be polite. Clay’s mom came to the door and opened it. She saw Clay and hugged him.

She was getting worried since he was taking a while to come home and that was odd for him.

She saw the blood on his face and said, “Oh Clay did you get into another fight? What did I tell you about not provoking the other students?

” She hugged him again and she turned her eyes to Claire who just smiled and wave. Clay’s mom, “Hello sweetie did you walk Clay all the way home?” Claire, “Yea.

I had found him in an alley beaten I think he had gotten in a fight with some boys.” Clay’s mom, “I’m sorry you had to bring him all the way back but I appreciate your help.

” Soon enough Clay’s dad came home from work. He drove up the driveway and got out looking visibly worried.

Clay’s dad hurriedly got out of the car and walked over to the door and said, “There you are Clay. Your mom was worried sick.

” He looked at Claire and said, “I assume you brought him home?” Claire, “Yea he had gotten into a fight and I decided to walk him home to make sure he would be ok.

” Clay’s dad, “Thank you so much.” Claire, “No it’s no problem I was just looking out for a classmate.

” Clay turned towards his dad with dried blood still on his face and said, “I’m going to go clean up.” He put his head down and went upstairs.

Clay’s mom, “I’ll go back in and finish dinner seeing as how we have another guest joining us.

” Claire looked a bit surprised and said, “Oh I think I better be getting home my mom will freak if I’m not back soon.

” Clay’s dad, “Don’t worry I’ll drive you home stay for dinner it’s the least we can do.” Claire decided to stay since she sensed she wouldn’t be winning this argument.

Claire, “Ok sure I’ll stay.” She walked in along with Clay’s mom and dad. Clay’s mom went into the kitchen to finish up the last bit of cooking and Clay’s dad went to go check on him.

Claire walks into the living room and was about to sit down when Clay’s mom Debbie calls out, “It’s time to eat.” Claire then walks over to the kitchen and sets he bag down by her chair.

She sits down and Clay’s mom says, “I’m sorry that I haven’t properly introduced myself yet but my name is Debbie. I just want to thank you so much for making sure Clay was safe.

And I’m sorry I didn’t quite get your name.” Claire, “Oh my bad my name is Claire I am one of Clay’s classmates.” Just then Garrett came down the stairs with Clay.

Garrett, “Well it is certainly nice to meet you Claire. My name is Garrett.” He shook her hand.

They all sat down at the table to have a roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy and finally broccoli. They started to eat and Claire was sitting there awkwardly not knowing what to say or do.

It wasn’t until Garrett broke the silence and said, “So where did you find my son?” Claire, “Well I found him in an alleyway a few blocks away from the school.

He had gotten into a fight that had just ended with three other boys.” Garrett, “Oh I see well Clay has always been getting into trouble like that but not always on purpose.

” Garrett stopped before he said anything else and instead said, “So you said you were his classmate?” Claire, “Yea we are in the same class in fact we sit not too far from each other.

” Debbie, “Well then Clay is lucky to have such a pretty classmate as you. Claire laughed a bit and blushed a bit.

That was when Clay pushed his chair back and said, “May I be excused now?” Debbie looked at his plate and said, “Well Clay you haven’t eaten much of your food.

” Clay, “I don’t feel that hungry can I go please?” Garrett, “Yea go ahead son.

” Clay got up and started to head upstairs but before he exited the dining room he turned and said, “Thanks Claire for walking me home.” He then exited and walked up to his room.

Soon after the other three finished and Debbie started to clear the table. Then Garrett got his car keys and said to Claire, “Come on it’s about time I got you home.

” Claire got her stuff and followed Garrett. They got to the car and they both got in and Garrett started the engine.

They pulled out of the driveway and were soon on their way to Claire’s house. As they were driving Garrett looked at Claire and said, “Well you left quite the impression on Clay.

He usually never eats when someone is here not to mention actually thanking you.” Claire, “Why is that if I may ask?” Garrett thought for about thinking if he should tell her about Clay’s past.

He then said, “Well back when he was in Elementary he had a little bit of trouble with the other kids.

Before all that he was a sweet kid who always had a smile on his face and was kind to everyone around him. Until the incident where he got in a pretty bad fight with a kid.

After that he wasn’t really the same.” Garrett grew quite after that and didn’t say anything for a bit then said, “Well that is all I can really say for now the rest of it Clay will someday.

” And he left it at that. Claire sat their silently thinking about what could have happened that made Clay the way he is now.

Soon enough they had gotten to her house and Garrett dropped her off in front.

She got out and walked to her house and opened the door and as soon as she did she said, “Mom! I’m Home!” Claire’s mom Betty replied, “Oh there you are sweetie I was wondering where you were.

” Claire, “Oh don’t worry I was just at a friend’s house.” Betty, “Oh well did you eat?” Claire, “Yea I ate there with them already.” Betty, “Ok dear.

” Claire then walked back up to her room and dropped her bag by her desk and flopped onto the bed. She thought to herself, “What a first day of school.

” She couldn’t help but think of Clay and how distant and cold he is. She was also hung up on what she said to her mom and what Clay’s parents thought of her as Clay’s friend.

Yea she helped him but could she really consider herself his friend? That thought puzzled her until she realized that it was almost 11 o’clock.

She got up and got into her night clothes and laid in bed and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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