Stone Heart Pt. 14
Stone Heart Pt. 14 romance stories

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Things have been going well for Clay the past year but things soon will start to go down hill for him in more ways then one.

Stone Heart Pt. 14

It has been a year since Clay and Claire first met and since then they had become great friends. They spent every day together at lunch laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Also since the whole drama at the beginning of their first year of junior high Clay’s reputation slowly got better to the point people were able to tolerate him and even say hi

or good morning to hi every so often.

Not only that but Claire’s friends were even ok with her hanging out with him as long as they got to see her in the morning and going home at the end of the day.

But these tranquil days were not meant to last.

Clay got up one morning and had gotten ready for school.

It is already one month into his 8th grade year and things have been great and he has a smile on his face every day and is always excited to go to school.

He got ready and ate breakfast and headed off to school. He would head straight to class to finish whatever homework he didn’t do last night.

This year though Claire wasn’t in his class since kids get switched around every year but he didn’t mind since he always gets to see her at lunch and on the weekends as well.

Also he actually made another friends as well named Landon. They always chat in class and talk about random things which, was something Clay had longed for a long time.

Soon enough class had started and their teacher Mr. Jenkins was their first teacher of the day.

He taught science and was a pretty cool teacher and was lenient with his students and one quality that they didn’t abuse.

The class went by pretty quickly and was soon the transition to math class which, lasted about 10 minutes. During that time the kids would chat and such while the next teacher came in.

Landon got up from his chair and walked over to Clay who was finishing up writing up the notes from class and asked him, “Hey man did you get the new North Star 2 game?

” Clay, “Yea I did I can’t believe how much they improved from the first one.” Landon, “Well yea the first one did come out five years ago. But I know what you mean.

The open world on that game is so huge and not only that they added a lot of things that you could do in there from the animals to the npcs.

” Clay, “Yea the western theme of it really fits well for it and makes it all the more fun.

” Landon, “Oh yea did you see the wild man up in the northern area of the map?” Clay, “Oh no I haven’t is he like a main story thing or just a side quest.

” Before Landon could answer the math teacher came in and the kids all sat down.

The next two class went by pretty fast with nothing much exciting happening until lunch time rolled around when he gets to see Claire.

As soon as the bell rang to signal the start of lunch Clay was already out the door and on his way to meet Claire at the gazebo where they usually have lunch together.

He would always the one to get their first but today Claire was already waiting for him.

She was reading a book she had been assigned to read from her English class.

Clay knew she hadn’t noticed him yet so he stepped quietly and slowly snuck up behind her and just when he was about to scare her she turned around quickly and sacred him instead.

He got so scared in fact that he tripped and fell backwards and landed on his butt. Claire laughed hard because of it. She laughed loudly and shed a tear. Clay, “Damn it wasn’t that funny.

” Claire, “From my perspective it was.” She then got up and walked over to him and helped him to his feet.

He then dusted himself off and sat down across from Claire and got his lunch which, was just a sandwich he made himself.

Claire on the other had had pulled out leftovers from last night which, was spaghetti and a drink she bought from the store on her way into school.

Clay, “So how did your morning go?” Claire out down her book that she was reading while eating and said, “It was alright but you know me I struggled to get out of bed.

” Clay, “Of course no one loves sleep as much as you do.” Claire, “But I still had to get my sleepy butt out of bed and get to school because I know how lonely you’d be without me.

” Clay, “Oh hush that ain’t true I can do just fine by myself for a day” Claire, “Oh really then how about last year when I had gotten sick and didn’t come to school.

I heard you had gotten pretty nervous.” Clay, “Of course you were sick and I was just worried is all.” Claire, “Well that is true you have always been a worrywart.

But then again you became friends with Jen and Cait because of that. So at least something positive came out of that.

” Clay, “Yea and for you information I am not as much of a worrywart now as I was back then thank you very much.” When he said that he took a bite of his sandwich.

Claire, “Oh those sandwiches look good can I have one?” Clay raised his eyebrow and said, “I knew you would ask good thing I packed extra.

” He handed her a sandwich and she ate it and said, “Damn even though it is a simple sandwich it is still pretty good.

” Clay with a smug grin said, “You’re damn right it is because it was made by yours truly and we both know how great of a cook I am.

” Claire sighed and laughed then said, “Ok easy there iron chef you are good but not as good as your mom.” Clay, “Psh you ass what a way to ruin my moment.

” Claire laughed and asked, “So what do you want to do this weekend?” Clay, “I don’t know there is that new movie coming out about those dragon riders we can see that.

” Claire, “Oh yea I’ve been wanting to watch that we should go and check it out.” Clay, “Aright we can meet at the theaters at the first showing.” Claire, “Alright sounds good.”

They both ate and finished their food and chatted throughout the rest of lunch. Soon they were back in classes which for some reason dragged on forever.

By the time the day was over Clay was more tired than usual but he still made it home.

When he came in he heard his mom and dad in the living room talking which, was unusual since his dad usually comes back in two more hours.

They heard him come in and they asked, “Clay can you come in here for a minute?” Clay, “Yea let me just put my bag in my room first.” His parents, “Ok.

” He went up and put his bag away and came back downstairs and sat down on the couch in front of his parents.

He looked at the both of than asked, “Ok what’s the matter?” His mom Debbie, “Well son you know how your dad has to move here and there for his work but still managed to stay near home?

” Clay, “Yea and?” his dad Garrett, “Well son my next consulting is in another city and it’s too far for me to go back and forth. So uhh we are going to have to move. I’m sorry.

” This was like a punch in the gut to him. He had finally been able to adjust to life and started making friends and having a normal school life for once.

He looked down in disbelief and didn’t know what to say. He was going to have to leave everything behind even Claire who has been nothing but great to him.

He wouldn’t know how to tell her about this. Garrett, “I am so very sorry son. I did my best to find another consulting job here in this city but I couldn’t find anything.

We got one month to find a place and move so and for you to say your goodbyes. I am so so sorry Clay I really am” He felt horrible as well since he knew Clay was starting to have a good life.

Clay didn’t say anything and just went upstairs. His mom was going to stop him but his dad said, “Just leave it honey he needs time to process this in his own way.

” Clay went up to his room and just flopped on the bed. It took a bit for the shook to hit him then finally that was when the wave of sadness hit him hard.

He couldn’t hold back his tears and just started to cry. He just ended up crying himself to sleep and didn’t eat dinner and slept all night and woke up the next morning.

When he woke up he hoped it was all a dream but he knew it wasn’t and slowly got out of bed and got ready. He had an expressionless face and didn’t even crack a smile whatsoever.

He just ate his breakfast in silence and his mom didn’t say anything since she knew it would just make things worse. Soon enough he was out the door.

He made it to school and like always went straight to class but didn’t quite care about his homework.

Soon class started but today the class got a surprise they would be getting a new transfer student.

The teacher came in and told the class and everyone got excited and then the teacher motioned the student in.

Clay didn’t really quite care since he would be gone before he would really get to know him. That was until the teacher introduced him. Mr.

Jenkins, “Alright kids I’d like you to meet your new classmate Trey Haren.” When Clay heard that name his eyes widened and he slowly looked up only to have his worst fears confirmed.

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