Stone Heart Pt. 13
Stone Heart Pt. 13 romance stories

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Things have been going good for Clay and for once in a long time he finally enjoys going to school. But his happy times might not last forever. *Disclaimer: For those of you who enjoy the chemistry between Clay and Claire I am sorry for what i am about to do in the upcoming parts.*

Stone Heart Pt. 13

Clay’s dad took Claire home and it was a mostly quiet ride back Clay’s dad could see that she was tired and just asked how her day was and other small stuff.

The ride didn’t take too long and Claire was back home. She got out and thanked Clay’s dad and walked to her door and went in.

She saw her mom watching TV and she asked, “Hey dear did you have fun?” Claire, “Yea I did. I’m actually pretty tired so I’m going to go up to my room and rest.

” Claire’s mom, “Ok dear I’ll start dinner soon so try and stay awake till then.” Claire went up to her room and sat at her desk and when she did she got a call from her friend Jen.

Jen, “Hey Claire were you at the movies today?” Claire kind of got nervous when she asked but decided to tell part of the truth and said, “Yea I was with my family.

” Jen, “Oh really? I didn’t even see you the rest of your family though.” Claire, “Yea they must’ve been outside in the car. I was in the theater using the bathroom.

” Jen, “Oh alright well tell them I say hi ok?” Claire, “Alright I will. But anyways Jen I’m tired so I might take a nap talk to you later?” Jen, “Yea sure have a nice nap.” Claire, “Thanks.

” She hung up and went to her bed and laid down and went took a nap.

She woke up a few hours later when her little brother who was just barely 5 came into wake her room and said, “Laire wake up mom said to eat.” In a nice tone and shook her till she woke up.

Claire got up and said, “Ok little munchkin I’ll get up.” She woke up with her hair a little messed up and her little brother Nate said, “Laire you wook ike a wroom.

” Claire looked at him with a are you serious face and said, “You better go before I sweep you up.

” It was a weird threat she knew but to Nate it was scary and he turned and ran out of the room and down to his mom saying, “Mom laire is gonna sweep me up.

” And her mom got mad and said, “Claire don’t threaten your little brother like that. Now hurry and get down here and eat.

Claire begrudgingly got out of bed and fixed her hair a bit before she went downstairs to eat.

Claire got to the dining room and said, “Oh dad isn’t back yet?” Her mom Helen said, “NO he said that he has got a late run and won’t be back till later.

” Her dad was a bus driver to one of the few schools that accepted kids from outside Beshbito which, was quite a large city.

Claire, “Oh ok well what’s for dinner?” Helen, “Beef stew and dinner rolls.” Claire, “Oh sounds yummy.” She sat down and ate with her mom and younger brother. Her dad Quinton came home.

He came through the door and Nate rushed over to his dad and said, “Daddy you’re home.

” Quinton picked him up and hugged him and said, “Hey there’s my big boy did you eat good?” Nate, “Yea it was delicious.” Quinton, “Great I can’t wait to eat myself.

” He gave a hug to Claire and kissed Helen on the cheek. He then set down Nate and sat at the table to eat.

Claire, “So why did you have to drop off kids on a weekend?

” Quinton, “Yea some of them already started practices for sports so they wanted to have an extra day to practice so I picked up and dropped of the players today.

” Claire, “Oh ok well I’m going to go up to my room now good night.” Quinton, “Good night.”

Claire went up to her room and laid down but instead of going straight to sleep she laid there and listened to music for a bit.

She listened to her music for about an hour thinking about her day and how much she enjoyed it. But she was getting tired and needed to sleep.

So she took her headphones off and got ready for bed. Once she laid her head down on her pillow she was out in no time.

Finally Monday rolled around and Clay was finally able to go back to school.

He wouldn’t say it out loud but he was going to miss staying at home since he didn’t have to deal with all the lies and other bullshit.

But he knew that he finally had a friend he could hang out with so he was excited to go. He walked out the door after having breakfast and headed off to school.

He had a smile on his face for once and the other students noticed when he got to school. Their view of him changed a bit because of how friendly he looked with a smile on his face.

But they still didn’t dare to approach him but things were beginning to look up a bit for Clay.

He got to class and sat down still giving off an aura of joy which, again people have never felt come off him.

Soon Claire came walking in as well and smiled at him without people really noticing. She sat down and soon after class began.

Clay got the work he missed from when he was suspended but it wasn’t too much since it was still early in the school year. But classes went by quickly and was soon lunchtime.

Clay then got his stuff and went out to where he fought with Will and his friends to see if they still hung out there. He got to the spot and waited a bit but they never showed up.

As it turns out they had actually transferred to different schools because of what happened and also because of the complaints that they had gotten from staff and other community members.

Clay sat under the gazebo and pulled out his book Divine Zodiacs and began to read. He waited to eat until Claire arrived which, wasn’t too long after he sat down.

She walked up behind him quietly and then grabbed onto his shoulders and scarred him.

He almost threw his book when she scared him and he was breathing quickly since she got his heart racing. He said, “Oh you’re such an asshole.

” Claire laughed and said, “I couldn’t resist you were practically begging for it by how engrossed you were into your book.” Clay, “I’m going to get you back for this.

” Claire, “Well you can try but you will never succeed.” She said with a smug grin. She then sat down on the other side of the table and they both pulled out their lunches and began to eat.

They had a great time talking and making each other laugh. This was something Clay had been missing for a long time. Someone to talk to and laugh with.

His days were fun again and he enjoyed every minute of it. But like they always say good things must always come to an end.

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