Stone Heart Pt. 12
Stone Heart Pt. 12 romance stories
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Clay and Claire finally head to the theaters to have a great time or will they?

Stone Heart Pt. 12

Clay and Claire walked out the door and walked down the driveway and were soon heading towards downtown where most of the attractions were.

They were walking enjoying the nice morning air and taking in the sun. That was when Claire wanted to ask about Clay’s past and bring up what happened.

But she couldn’t find the words to bring it up. So she just decided to just wing it and ask.

Claire, “Umm Clay can I ask you something personal?” Clay looked at her not expecting that and said, “Ok sure go ahead.

” Claire nervously asked, “Well why do all the kids spread nasty rumors about you?

” Clay wasn’t quite ready to answer that question but did so anyways, “Well it started back when I was just in 1st grade.

I was an ok kid I had a few friends but I usually kept to myself which, I think made me an easy target. Because there was this kid who didn’t like me at all.

He would tease me make fun of me mostly harmless stuff until he took it too far.

” Claire, “Why what happened?” Clay, “Well he and his friends got me cornered in a place where the teachers couldn’t see and made me fight.

Of course I didn’t fight back but that was when he started making joke about my family being poor and about my dad as well. I just couldn’t take it and I snapped.

I attack him and just kept punching and the other kids took off and told the teachers what I did and so I got in trouble.

I hurt him bad but he blew it out of proportion and that is how the rumors began.”

Claire, “Well what about your friends? Did they do anything to help you?

” Clay, “Well at first they stood by me but the more the people turned on me the more things got worse and by then they just abandoned me.

So from then on I was on my own taking all the abuse and name calling. But I got use to everything now so it’s no big deal.” Claire, “Wow that seems tough.

” Clay, “Yea it was but it is not as bad now as it used to be. But I am just grateful that you decided to be my friend.

” Clay gave her a smile and she couldn’t help but feel happy as well and she gave him a smile back and said, “It’s no big deal.

” She tried to be humble about it and was glad she became his friend.

She knew that what she was going to hear was bad but she didn’t expect it to be sad as well.

As she was thinking about it she couldn’t help but feel sad until they made it to the movie theaters. They got in and a lot of people were there and was a bit hard to make it to the counter.

They got there and couldn’t figure out what to watch. It took a bit until they decided to watch some movie about a black goo that attaches to a guy and gives him superpowers.

They got their popcorn and drinks and went to the number the movie was showing in. They went in and looked for a place to sit because it was kind of packed.

They managed to find a spot in the top rows and a sat there and watched the movie. It took a while before it was over but they enjoyed it a lot.

They came out and when they were throwing out their trash and were about to head out when Claire saw her friends coming in. Claire saw them and she quickly had to think of a place to hide.

That was when she noticed they were by the arcade section of the movie theaters. Clay was about to ask a question but was grabbed by Claire and was dragged into the arcade.

Clay then asked Claire, “Uhh what are we doing here?” Claire, “My friends are out there I saw them coming in the front doors.” Clay, “Oh crap did they see us?” Claire, “No I don’t think so.

” Clay thought up of a plan and suggested to Claire, “Ok why don’t we go out separately. You’ll go out first and about five minutes later I’ll go.

I’m pretty sure they won’t get suspicious of that.” Claire, “Yea that could work we can meet up at the pizza place up the street.” Clay, “Yea sounds like a plan. Alright then go ahead and go.

” Claire came out of the arcade and walked out of the theaters her friend saw her but the theater was so loud and packed that they couldn’t get to her or call out to her.

Then five minutes later Clay walked out and didn’t get noticed at all since the two girls already went into their movie.

Clay walked a towards the pizza place and was soon in front of it and didn’t see Claire. That was when he looked inside and saw her sitting at a table.

He was about to go in when he saw that there were two guys there with her and it looked like they were bothering her. He couldn’t think of what to do.

He didn’t see their faces at school so he took the gamble and went in. He walked over to the table and said, “Hey babe sorry I kept you waiting.

” He looked at both of those guys and said “Are these your friends?” Claire catching on said, “Yea they are and they were about to leave right guys?

” The two guys looked at each other and knew they wouldn’t be able to make any further advancements on her and walked off.

Clay sat down and said, “What was the deal with them?” Claire, “Well they were just trying to hit on me nothing to important.” Claire gave a little chuckle and Clay chuckled as well.

They ordered a pizza and ate their food there.

They were there for about an hour as they chatted here and there and decided they had better get going before Claire’s friends get out of the movies and see them together.

They paid for their bill and decided to head back to Clay’s house. Clay called his mom and told her that they were heading back.

His mom said ok and also said that they were home and that if Claire needed a ride home that they would gladly take her back. Clay told her and she said, “Ok.

” And they walked back chatting some more about the weather and about school even though Clay was only there for all of two days so far.

But nonetheless they still enjoyed their talk and before they knew it they were back at Clay’s house.

Before they got into the house Claire said, “I had a fun time even though we almost got caught by my friends.” They both laughed and Clay said, “Yea it was fun.

This is the first time I have ever been out with a friend so thank you for that.” Claire, “You’re welcome I’m just glad I got to be your friend.

” Before they could say anymore they made it to Clay’s front door and walked in.

They were greeted by both of Clay’s parents and Claire not wanting to be rude and over stay her welcome asked to be taken home so Clay’s father got the keys to the car and started it up

and before Claire left she said, “Bye Clay see you at school.” Clay smiled and said, “Yea see you school” And that was when she walked to the car and his dad drove her home.

Before he went upstairs his mom said, “Wow she must be very special to you to have made you smile so big. Maybe she has the potential of being your girlfriend.

” Clay’s face got red and he said, “NO mom she is just a friend. I’m going to go to my room.” And before his mom could say anything else he was already up the stairs.

Clay got to his room and noticed that it was still only almost 2 o’clock and so he just decide to play games the rest of the day and think about the amazing day he just had.

He played games the rest of the day only breaking to eat dinner then went back to it. He didn’t stop until it was really late she he decided to call it a night and got ready for bed.

He got into bed and got all nice and comfortable. As he was trying to sleep the thought of Claire being his girlfriend crossed his mind and made him blush.

He shook his head to get the thought out and rolled over and went to bed.

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