Stone Heart Pt. 10
Stone Heart Pt. 10 romance stories

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So this is part 10 of Stone Heart and i decided to make it a chill part and to show a little surprise. Make sure to follow me on twitter @rjim96

Stone Heart Pt. 10

So today marks 10 parts of Stone Heart and so i decided to make it a little special by doing a drawing of Claire. This is my first read attempt at drawing something like this so I'm sorry if it seems a little sub par but i am still proud of it and i hope you all will like her design.

Claire was wondering what Clay was doing after he got home. She couldn’t really know since she doesn’t have his phone number.

She thought about him on and off throughout the day and soon enough school had ended. She walked home with her friends who were talking as usual and gossiping.

Claire didn’t really pay attention to them and she was just in her own little world. That was when Jen said, “Hey Claire you ok? You haven’t said anything since we left the school.

” Claire, “Oh yea sorry I just have a lot on my mind is all.” Cait, “Oh really? Seems like someone has crush.” Claire, “Oh please as if I would already have one.

” Jen, “You sure there are some pretty cute boys at school.” Claire, “Yea well I’ve been too focused on school to even look at any cute boys.” Cait laughed and said, “Yea right.

” All three were laughing and started joking around more and talked. Soon enough they had to go their separate ways and now Claire was walking by herself.

She thought about what had happened today and what Clay had done for her.

Once he saw that she was in trouble he rushed right in and helped her out.

She has never had anyone do that for her but then again she has never been in that situation before but she was glad Clay was there to help.

She got home and said hello to her mom who was about to finish cooking dinner. Claire then went up to her room and changed her clothes and came downstairs to eat.

It was her, her mom, her dad, and her little brother who was five years old. They all sat down to eat and talk about their day.

As they were talking her mom looked at her and say that her cheeks were a little blue.

Her mom, “Claire why are your cheeks blue? Did someone hit your or something?” Claire quickly thought of an excuse and said, “No it was from P.

E, we were playing dodgeball and I ended up getting hit by the ball twice. Her mom, “Oh you poor thing will you be ok?” Claire, “Yes mom I will it’s just bruises.

” Her mom, “Ok dear just making sure.”

They finished their dinner and everyone went off their separate ways to do what they wanted to do. Her mom and dad sat and watched T.

V while her little brother went to his room to play with his toys. Claire went up to her room and laid in bed because the events of the day caught up with her and she was tired.

She laid there thinking about Clay and thought that now without a doubt she could call him her friend.

Which made her quite happy she then had the thought that she might stop by on Saturday to see how he was doing and surprise him. With that she slowly drifted off to sleep.

The first day of Clay’s suspension was well boring to him. All he did all day was just read and play games on his smartphone.

His mom just did the usual get groceries and cook and clean while also watch T.V for a while. Claire just went to school like usual.

Will and his friends didn’t bother her whatsoever, they never made the connection that Clay and her were friends. So things were alright. Then came the second day.

Clay was already quite tired of staying home so he decided to walk around today. So he asked his mom for some money just in case he wanted to eat somewhere for lunch.

She said alright and gave him 25$ for him to spend. Clay, “Thanks mom I’ll be back by this afternoon.” Debbie, “Alright sweetie be careful.” Clay waved goodbye to her and headed off at about 9 a.


He walked all the way to the business district of the city. He walked by all the shops and looked around. Until a store with a display T.

V showed a peculiar cartoon that he had never seen before. It showed the golden haired character fighting a white and purple alien on a dying planet.

Clay stood there watching it for a bit until someone accidentally bumped into him. He said sorry and decided that he should be moving on since he is getting in the way of people.

By now it was around 12 p.m. and he was quite hungry so he went to a pizza place and got a slice of pizza and a soda for 10$.

The shop so happened to be the same one that Claire and her friends were going to when she helped Clay. He finished eating and the decided that he should be heading home.

But on his way home he decided to go through the park. He waked by the big pond that was there and saw ducks swimming in the water as well as fish.

He was enjoying himself being out and about for once without having to worry about anything. It took a while to get through the park and once he got out he headed straight home.

By the time he got back it was already 3 p.m. He had made it home before school was out so he made it just in time.

That evening he helped his mom make dinner and then ate. The rest of the day he spent it in his room listening to music. He then got ready for bed at about 11 p.m. Then soon enough fell asleep.

The next few days went by similarly and he enjoyed his time at home exploring the city and just having fun.

Then Saturday rolled by and Clay was tired and wanted to sleep in. Also that day his mom and dad had to go run a few errands in town and so they left the house by 8 a.m.

Clay was still sound asleep when they left. Then by 8:30 there was a knock at the door which, woke Clay up.

So he sleepily went to the door and answered it and when he opened the door he was surprised to see Claire standing there smiling.

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