Darkness Cometh Unto You Pt. 2
Darkness Cometh Unto You Pt. 2 fantasy stories

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Hey everyone I'm reposting this since I didn't like how I wrote the last one. This one is better and longer. So I hope you all enioy.

Darkness Cometh Unto You Pt. 2

Kivirn's lifeless body was on the cold ground and Niverium gathered his men and returned to the their homelands.

In the following days the other nation's leaders gathered at what would be the future capital of Niverium's kingdom.

For now all that was there was tents that was pitched by the soldiers and a small town. The other nations formally recognized Niverium's rule and thus a new kingdom was born.

Niverium named it after the place at where the gathering was formed which, was called White Willow. So with that the White Willow kingdom was born.

Over the years Niverium lead the kingdom into prosperous times. What was once a small town had now grown into a sprawling metropolis.

The city was large and at the center was the castle where Niverium ruled.

But he wouldn't be a true king if he didn't have a queen so not long after the castle was built he got married and soon after had his first born son Niverin.

After his first son he had three more and their names, from oldest to youngest were Vearius, Virin, and Niven. They grew up to be exceptionally talented and each of them were very noble.

But tragedy struck one day when the sons were out near a deep gorge within a forest not to far from the city.

They had always gone there to practice their swordsmanship since practicing within the castle walls could sometimes get monotonous. As they were training a group of bandits ambushed them.

They thought that if they took the prince's captive they'd be able to get a lot of money for them. But little did they know how good a fighting they were.

The prince's were able to take care of the bandits fairly quickly but their cockiness would be their downfall. Once they had beaten them Vearius was gloating and being a bit pretentious.

When all of a sudden an unknown extra member of the group of bandits popped out from behind the trees.

He rushed Vearius who was near the edge of the gorge and before he could react to the attacker Niverin pushed him out of the way and when the attacker stabbed him they both fell backwards

and fell down the gorge. The brothers were in a state of disbelief. They lost their older brother who had been there for them since they were young.

They tried to see if they could find a way down the gorge but it was too steep and too far down to climb so all they could do was make their way back to castle and tell their parents what

had happened. Their parents were devastated as well as the rest of the kingdom. To make matters worse they didn't even have a body to bury.

Vearius placed the blame on himself and a few months left in the dead of night and was never seen or heard from again. This just left Virin and Niven left as the heirs to the throne.

But just a month after Vearius had Virin had committed suicide. All the stress from losing two brothers in such a short amount of time left it's toll on him since they were very close.

This ultimately left the throne to Niven and the only heir left. His parents kept him very protected from that day on since he was the last one left.

He was deeply saddened by all that had happened but he knew his brothers would have wanted him to be strong which, he did.

For many years had passed and finally the day came to pass on the crown to him. His coronation was grand and despite all the tragedy he was finally king.

Just like his father he lead the kingdom onwards in prosperity and had passed down the crown peacefully like his father before him.

And this went on for years until three centuries later that all came to a grinding halt.

The subsequent years of rule by the main royal family was good until one year when the advisors to the 12th king of White Willow became greedy and lustful for power.

There was three advisors who made a plan to initiate a coup to take over the throne. They planned it for months gathering the necessary manpower to execute the coup.

And finally one fateful night the coup began. The coup was swift and deadly. The castle was quickly overtaken and the Royal family were taken into the courtyard and beheaded.

But to make sure no one would be able to challenge the throne and take it back. All the relatives of the Royal family were systematically killed, completely wiping out the Niverium bloodline.

After they gained control the three advisors were going to decide who was going to be king but the one known as Gwayn backstabbed the other too and ordered his troops to take them prisoner

and execute them. He had played his hand just right and became the sole King with no one to threaten his rule or so he thought.

20 years later and the kingdom was in disarray as King Gwayn ruled the kingdom with an iron fist raising the taxes on the people and killing anyone who spoke up against him.

But far off at the edge of the country right on the boarder between White Willow and the kingdom of the Elves was a small town that was still fairly untouched by the tyrannical rule

of Gwayn since it was a prime trading spot for both kingdoms it was doing ok in the hard times. But that wasn't what made it special, it was the person living there that made it very important.

You see Vearius had traveled far and wanted to be as isolated as possible and wanted to be somewhere no one knew him.

That's when he came upon a nice area near the edge of the force with sparce houses here and there. He then settled down there and soon after fell in love and had a child.

After many years he had helped establish a town there due to his natural talents that was taught to him by his father. After many centuries the town grew slowly into the town it is today.

For here lived the descendant of Vearius, a girl by the name of Nivera and her story starts here.

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