Darkness Cometh Unto You Pt. 1
Darkness Cometh Unto You Pt. 1 fantasy stories

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Here is something that im working on feedback is appreciated.

Darkness Cometh Unto You Pt. 1

The sun was shining bright high in the sky. Then out from the sky a bird came flying down to the plains below. The bird glided above the tall grass.

It flapped its wings every so often as it got close to the treeline of a forest. It flew into the forest zigzagging in between the trees gracefully.

As it flew through the forest sunshine was faintly shining on the far side of the forest and the bird was flying towards it. It dodged the trees not touching a single one.

But as it came close to exiting the forest a faint rumbling could be heard. And as the bird got closer to the sunlight the louder the rumble got.

Then as soon as the bird broke out of the forest and out in the open air below it was a cliff. And at the bottom was another large plains.

But on the plains was two large armies that numbered in the tens of thousands on both sides. They were both slowly marching towards each other to meet in battle.

On one side was an army of men. It was led by the first king that had brought them all together and his name was Niverium.

He led the army proudly and didn't show no fear at the sight of the enemy forces. On the other side was an army of foul creatures. They were disfigured and came in all shapes and sizes.

And the leader of them was the Witch King Kivirn. He knew black magic and was able to create his army to take over the continent of Requila.

He had created numerous creatures and had sent them all over to pillage and destroy every being living on the continent but there was an Alliance that was formed between the Men, Elves,

Beastmen, and dwarves. They each created their own armies to fight back. Each army was locked in it's own battle and these series of battles would be called the War of Survival.

They had to trust each other that they would win since it was hard to communicate over such vast distances. They all marched to meet Kivirn's armies not knowing which, army he would be in.

But he wound up leading the attack on the kingdom of Men.

Once the armies met on the Gilford plains they faced each other.

Neither side made a move until Kivirn made the first move and yelled, "All my created attack and wipe out this puny army before you!" And with that the battle begun.

His command through magic was relayed to every army all over the continent and they all commenced their attacks in unison. As Kivirn's army charged at the army of men.

King Niverium told his men, "Hold steady. Don't show no fear. For his armies feed on it. Remember who you are fighting for and the consequences if you should lose.

Make this a day that will live on in history. Make this the day that we all stood together, as brother in arms who fought for our very survival! Cause we will not give in and never surrender.

Don't let none of those foul creatures make it one step past our army and cut them down where they stand." His army yelled, high in morale.

He then turned his horse to the creatures as they steadily got closer and he pointed his sword and yelled with all his might, "CHHAARRGGEE!!

" He spurred his horse on and started galloping towards the enemy.

The first line of his army was nothing but Calvary. And they followed suit galloping behind him. And after them was infantry who ran full sprint.

And then archers who started raining down arrows onto the enemy army. It wasn't too long before both armies crashed into each other.

Niveium's horse ran over all the small creatures and stomped and smashed them with its might hooves as Niverium cut them down with his sword.

The battle was in full swing with neither side letting up. The Calvary had opened up a path for the infantry to strike and push deeper into the enemy army.

They pushed up the middle and effectively split the army in two. With that the archers split and maneuvered around the enemy army and started to rain down arrows on them again.

Kivirn was furious by how quickly his army was divided and being destroyed.

He then started to chant a spell to even the odds but before he could finish Niverium using the gap that his soldiers made rode straight towards him cutting down any creature in between him

and Kivirn.

Niverium galloped straight towards Kivirn who was on a chariot that was pulled by foul creatures.

He stopped chanting and looked as Niverium was already close to him and with tremendous strength and skill he leapt from his horse and grasped his sword with two hands and tried to cut Kivirn

in two. But Kivirn wasn't going to go down so easily as he quickly casted defensive magic that protected him from the heavy blow but it knock him off the chariot.

He fell to the ground and got up and Niverium approached. His sword in hand with a fiery gaze. He was filled with rage and determination to kill Kivirn. Kivirn returned the look.

As he then started walking towards Niverium.

He created a sword out of his magic and rushed Niverium which, caught him by surprise but nonetheless he blocked and they clashed swords and came face to face.

As each side wasn't giving any ground and Niverium said, "Huh? I am impressed. Usually wizards are weak and frail but you are quite strong.

" Then Kivirn said, "No I ain't as pathetic as other wizards. I know how to stand my ground when I need to."

But despite Kivirn being strong Niverium was strong and with a hard shove pushed Kivirn back breaking the sword lock. They then started to trade blows.

This fight took a long time since both sides were very skilled. It was over two hours before both men started to show signs of fatigue.

On the other hand the armies were showing the difference in strength and strategy as Niverium's army was slowly chipping away at Kivirn's army.

Soon his forces was less then half of what it was at the beginning. But Niverium lost quite a bit too. As his forces lost a third of it's strength. It was a very bloody battle.

But soon Niverium started to gain the upper hand on Kivirn as he had more stamina then Kivirn. But Kivirn started to make up for that fact by making use of his magic.

He threw fireballs at him as well as made use of lightning and other elements but Niverium was able to deflect or dodge most of it. He'd get hit now and then but he'd be able to take the blow.

But as Kivirn was using his magic. Niverium deflected one of the shots back at Kivirn which, hit him in the shoulder wounding him.

Niverium took the opportunity to rush at him.

Again Kivirn used defensive magic to protect himself but with one hand out of commission it was not as effective and Niverium broke through it and stabbed him right in the chest.

This fatally wounded him as blood came out of his mouth and from his injury. Niverium then pulled out the sword.

And Kivirn fell to his knees and Niverium said to him, "Any last words? I shall grant this one last act of humility.

" Kivirn looked at him with a steely gaze and said, "Just know that this isn't the end of me.

I shall return for my spirit will never leave this realm until I have my revenge and nothing in the realm shall stop me.

" Niverium looked at him and sliced his head off without a single hesitation. And once he died his monsters began to convulse and spasm as they started to die.

Since Kivirn was their master and they were bonded to him and his life force and when he died they died as well. They soon withered up and turned to dust and blew away in the wind.

On all fronts the creatures slowly perished. The soldiers across all nations yelled and cheered after the defeat of Kivirn. Niverium stood victorious over Kivirn's corpse.

His men cheered and chanted his name after the long fought war was finally over.

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