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In a world different from our own existed The Steel Water Kingdom. This kingdom was facing it's final days after being invaded by a neighboring Kingdom. The castle was being besieged and the King was killed and the princess Larea was left to take over but she too was in danger of being killed until the castle mage did a last ditch summon of a hero that would not only save the princess but save the kingdom and bring peace.

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A Kingdom's Hero

A girl wearing a suit of armor was running down a hall in a huge, with a group of 5 bodyguards with the task of protecting her.

They ran into a room that was at the end of the hall with enemy soldiers right on the groups heels.

One of the guards knew they wouldn’t make it in time, so he made the hard decision to face the enemy and give the group time to escape. The girl grabbed the man, “No, please don’t you’ll die.

” The man, “It’s fine princess, this is what I signed up for.” He yanked his arm free and faced the enemy killing a couple, while the other men took the princess and continued to run.

The man was able to manage to kill 5 soldiers before he was overpowered and killed. Tears ran down the princess’ face because she cared about all the people who serve and protect her.

The door at the end of the hall opened as a man cloaked in black robes quickly casted a spell with his staff which, created a wall of fire behind the group and cutoff the enemy’s advance.

The Wizard, “Hurry the spell won’t last long.” The group along with the wizard went inside the room and rushed over to a bookcase and moved it to reveal a hidden passage.

The princess was made to go first since she was top priority. Then the wizard was next.

But what the princess didn’t realize was that all of her bodyguards except for one decided to stay behind and imped their pursuers.

The lone bodyguard left to protect the princess was Dolan. Dolan was about to enter the passage when one of the bodyguards said, “Please protect the princess with your life.

She is the only one who can save the kingdom.” Dolan nodded and went into the passage and followed the Wizard Marius and Princess Larea.

The princess was first to emerge from the tunnel, which opened up to a forest. Soon after Marius and Dolan came out.

The princess puzzled asked, “Where is Roland, Fargus, and Garius?” Dolan lowered his head and regretfully said, “They stayed behind to give us time to escape.

” Larea’s eyes filled with tears as she mourned the loss of not only her bodyguards but her dear friends.

The three of them then moved on deeper into the forest until they arrived at a cottage that was Marius’ place to conduct his experiments without causing harm to the castle.

Marius, “Ah here it is. I already got everything prepared inside.” The three then ran to the cottage not wanting to waste any time.

They entered the cottage and there was a circle of inscriptions on the floor. Dolan, “Are you sure this will work? After all everything we know about this ceremony is just myth and legend.

” Larea, “It has to work we need a hero to help us. This is the only way we can summon one. Do it Marius.” Marius then started chanting the spell used to summon a great hero.

As he was chanting the inscriptions then started to glow. Marius kept chanting and the inscriptions kept getting brighter and brighter.

Then as Marius chanted the final words a beam of light came out of the circle and phased through the roof.

Not wanting to move at the risk of ruining the ritual they all stayed glued to their spots. The beam grew as wide as the circle and with a bright flash of light vanished.

The trio had closed their eyes due to how right it was and as they slowly opened their eyes, their hearts dropped as no one had appeared in the circle and it had also been destroyed as well.

They had given up hope as this was their last resort and it had failed until…

A loud thud hit the roof of the cottage right above where the circle was. It then sounded like it rolled and from the window a person fell off and yelled, “Oh crap.” And thud hit the ground.

The three of them quickly went outside to where the mysterious person landed. They saw a boy who was the one who landed on the roof and fell.

He hit the ground so hard that he was knocked unconscious. Marius, “Note to self, next time when we summon a hero I’ll make sure to do it outside.

” Dolan, “Oh great the person who was supposed to save our kingdom is already knocked out cold.” Larea, “I feel bad about having to drag him to our conflict.

I wish we didn’t have to resort to this.” Dolan, “Well princess what’s done is done. All we can do now is wait for him to wake up.

” Dolan picked up this stranger and carried him into the cottage and dropped him on the bed and they all sat down and waited for their Hero to wake up.

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