A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 9
A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 9 action stories

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Here is a lot of information on the Blue Forest Lake and the secrets it has.

A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 9

The Princess guided her people safely through the long passage. She was one of the last to leave refusing to go until all her people had gone first.

Before Devon arrived she was adamant on staying and helping the troops fight but Marius was against the idea because if she was to have perished the entire kingdom would have fell.

So that is why she was going to leave the army to hold off the enemy till the civilians escaped. But thankfully Devon stepped in and saved the army.

Once they had gotten through the tunnel she had ordered one of her attendants to close the door on the tunnel just in case an enemy managed to get through and find it.

Just as it was being close a distant boom was heard by everyone which, frightened everyone.

This was especially true for Larea who had worried the troops who she cared for a lot were killed but as well as Devon.

But nonetheless she still had to move forward and guide her people to safety. She held back the tears because Athelos and the other Earls were like family to her.

She had grown up being around them. Not only that but they treated her as if she was their own daughter.

She still led her people to the blue forest regardless of her emotional turmoil. Once they had gotten to the edge she let them rest before they went on with the rest of the journey.

As they rested Larea walked around and made sure her people were ok. She had some water in a pouch and whoever she was very thirsty she would offer them some.

She help tend to the wounded, help calm the ones who were terrified and comfort those who not only lost family members but lost brothers and fathers in the battle.

They were there for a good hour and a half before she told her people to get ready to push forward and complete the last stretch of the journey.

She was the first one to enter to help guide her people through.

She was taken through her many times by her father who made sure that this path was imprinted in her head so she wouldn’t forget.

Sure enough it proved to be useful as she remembered the signs and what to look for when heading towards the lake.

The dense outlining of the forest was a natural deterrent to everyone except for her. She flawlessly moved her way through the forest. Soon enough getting to the area where it wasn’t as dense.

She then begun using the knowledge of which, her father taught her about the forest.

The Blue Forest was very old. It has been around longer than the first king. The trees were thousands of years old.

The roots of the trees would poke out of the ground and had grown to face towards the lake. The lake was very mysterious as it emitted a glow but only on certain nights.

It is said that the lake was made from the tears of gods during the time of man’s first creation way before the first established kingdoms.

Not only that, but there is also another legend that spoke of a divine beast that is said to reside at the bottom of the lake.

No account of a sighting has ever been recorded and was believed to only be a legend.

There was a lot of mystery that surrounded the lake but despite all that was very welcoming to the weary travelers as they came into sight of the lake.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and were overjoyed to see it. The guards that were placed there saw the refugees as well as the princess and greeted them.

There was a large clearing near the lake almost on the other side which, was more than large enough to accommodate everyone.

Everyone raced to the lake and got a handful of water and had a drink. Despite it being out in the open the lake was always fresh and drinkable. People drank their fill and were in high spirits.

They had gotten settled down on the other side and the guards went to their storage that had provisions and along with the princess divided it among the people as best as they could.

The people could finally relax and they made it before it had gotten dark. The sun was setting and soon enough people could see that the lake was displaying the rare glow.

Then as night fell the brilliance of was on full display. It was more than a coincidence that it was glowing.

It was reacting to the joy and hope that the people still had despite all that had happened.

The Princess walked over to the lake’s edge and peered into the water. She couldn’t quite see the bottom but she couldn’t help but feel comfort from it.

But as she stared at the water she thought she saw something move at the bottom but just as she was starting to concentrate on it a soldier came bursting out of the forest.

At first she feared it was the enemy but as she had a closer look it was the dress of the army of her kingdom. She rushed over to him and before she got to him another one came out.

Soon enough more and more soldiers came walking out of the forest. The loss she felt thinking that they had all died was gone.

She, the guards and the other refugees came to help them to the clearing offering them food and water.

Soon enough Fendrel, Galius, Rowan, and Brom appeared. She was more than over joyed that they had made it back alive. She walked up to them and said, “You made back alive.

You have no idea how relieved I am to see you.” She then gave all of them a hug. Rowan, “Yea it wasn’t easy. We still lost many men but at least we were able to make it out alive.

” Fendrel, “Yes indeed it was a fine battle but I am still glad to be alive.” Galius, “Yes quite so. It was all thanks to that brilliant plan of that Devon fellow.

” Brom, “Yea I got to hand it to him he really pulled through.

” Larea couldn’t help but smile knowing that Devon had kept his promise and brought them back but she noticed that he and Athelos haven’t appeared.

Larea then had a concerned look on her face and said, “What of Athelos and Devon why haven’t they shown up yet?” Fendrel, “Well they were ahead of us. We thought they made it back already.

” Larea, “No they haven’t in fact it seems like you 4 are the last of the survivors.” They all then grew concerned. But they wouldn’t have to question their whereabouts for long.

When two of the guards came out of a thicket to the right of them holding a body and behind them following was Athelos.

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