A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 8
A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 8 action stories

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After falling asleep to what seemed like a peaceful night where Devon dreamed of his past that he tried to bury. But before he could fully experience it he was woken up by a worried Athelos.

A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 8

Devon opened his eyes and saw the only girl he ever loved. She was smiling at him with a big bright smile

She grabbed him by the hand and was about to say something to him when he was awakened by Athelos.

Athelos, “Come on we got to get a move on.

” Athelos had waken Devon up in the dead of night and Devon said, “Wait what’s going on?

” Athelos, “The enemy has sent scouts in order to find us and one of our sentries had spotted one heading our way. So we have to go into the forest now while we still have the chance.

” Devon nodded his head and got up and along with the men quickly moved into the forest where the scouts wouldn’t dare to go into since it was so thick and vast.

All of the troops ran in and not to long afterward were all split up. Most formed groups in order to help navigate the forest. It was still dark and the sun was still 5 hours from rising.

The dense forest muffled any sound and was eerie. Once they had gotten far enough in the troops slowed their pace and proceeded cautiously through the dark woods.

None of them dare yell out in fear of attracting attention from the scout that had been seen heading their way.

They made their way through the forest nonetheless slowly but surely. The forest was silent nothing made a sound not even the chirps of crickets could be heard.

The men walked for what seemed like hours before the forest started to thin out allowing for the sounds of the forest to start being heard.

Devon was alone he had ran in following Athelos but had lost track of him while they were running and he wasn’t able to keep up.

For an old man Athelos was quite agile and weaved through the trees very easily. Devon had slowed his pace in order to think clearly on what he would do.

He thought that if he stayed there then surely Athelos would come looking for him but then again it would be hard to find him when he was in the dense part of the forest.

So he decided he would proceed hoping that the forest would thin out a bit in order to make himself easier to find.

He walked making steady progress through the woods. He held his hand out and felt his way through the forest. He was keeping himself going in a straight line by feeling each tree.

He would pass by a tree on its right and the next tree on its left. This helped him stay in a straight line. He walked and walked until he could feel that the forest was thinning out a bit.

He then had to come to another hard decision. He could either stay until helped arrived or keep pushing forward until he could find someone.

While he was thinking about his options he heard footsteps slowly coming up behind him. He didn’t know how close that person was.

He stood their very still trying to think of how to determine if it was a friend or foe. He had to think fast because the person was getting ever so closer.

The only thing Devon could think of was to wait and let the person pass because he couldn’t risk hurting an ally.

But as the person got closer her heard the man say, “Damn where could have Devon gone. He was right behind me not to long ago.”

After hearing that Devon knew it was Athelos and he said, “Athelos is that you? It’s me Devon.” The person stopped and said, “Devon is that really you?” Devon, “Yes it is.

How the heck did you get behind me?” Athelos, “Well I had waited for you when we got separated but you never passed by so I assumed you had gotten ahead of me and my assumption was right.”

Devon, “Ok at least we found each other. Have you bumped into anyone else?” Athelos, “No not yet and the hard thing about it is that no one can yell out.

Mainly because either the forest will dampen the voice or enemy scouts might hear us.

Devon, “Yea that’s right but I think our best bet is to keep going since we might be able to come across the lake. Then in the morning we can try and find as much people as we can.

” Athelos, “Yea that sounds about right. Let’s get moving then.” The pair then started walking deeper into the forest hoping to come across the lake.

They walked for what seemed like hours until they could see flickers of orange light coming through the trees.

As if moths drawn by a light the pair homed in on it and soon enough they had found their way to the camp made by the civilians who had escaped the attack on the capital.

But as they were about to get closer two guards came up from behind them and had their swords poking into their back and said, “Now what do we have here. Both of you state your names.

” Devon answered first and said, “My name is Devon Klaine.

” The guard then hit him in the back of the head because he had never heard that name before and didn’t want to risk a spy coming into the camp.

The guard then turned his attention to Athelos, “Now then what is yours?” Athelos, “I am the Earl of Tolani Athelos.” The guard, “Oh I am so sorry sir.

” After he said that he sheathed his sword and said, “The Princess has been expecting your arrival.

” Athelos, “Oh really now? I guess she is also expecting the person who helped us get here am I right?” Guard, “Yes sir she is.

” Athelos, “Well you better pick him up off the ground and take him to her.

” Athelos couldn’t see the guards face but knew exactly how it looked like and couldn’t help but snicker to himself silently as the two guards dragged Devon over to the Princess.

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