A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 7
A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 7 supernatural stories

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We saw the Steel Water Commanders now we have a look at a few of the G'ana commanders as well as The Grand Commander.

A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 7

Devon was asleep for quite a while. In fact he was asleep up until the point to where the army was about to pack up and move out.

Athelos walked up to Devon and shook him when he did that Devon sprang up and grabbed Athelos’ arm. It was a reaction that Athelos only saw in men who had been hardened by battle.

Athelos, “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” Devon, “No its fine.” Athelos, “The men are preparing to move out.” Devon, “Alright I’ll be along shortly.

” Athelos nodded and walked back to the men as they got in formation to march. Devon got up shook his head trying to get the sleepiness out of his head.

Once he was awake he went and joined the rest of the army.

Back in the city the G’ana forces were looting the houses with no care in the world.

While in the main courtyard of the inner wall Belarus the enemy commander tasked with dealing a decisive blow to the Steel Water forces by taking the capital and slaughtering the army.

It was supposed to cause the rest of the forces fighting elsewhere to give up after hearing such news.

Belarus, “Damn it! How the hell could this of happened.” He had lieutenants around him as well.

Advisor 1, “Well the only possible explanation is that they have a secret passage they used to escape.” Belarus, “I know that what I’m asking is how you incompetent fools let them get away.

” Advisor 2, “Well after that explosion went off were cautious in sending in more troops not to mention the entrance being blocked.

” Belarus, “I don’t want to hear any excuses, if you were competent enough you would have known it was all just a distraction to keep you from finishing them off.

Now instead of celebrating a huge victory we are now stuck trying to figure out where they could have gone.

” He shook his head and was actually worried about the Grand Commander of the entire G’ana army finding out and getting mad.

Belarus’ life was on the line if he couldn’t figure out a way to fix this.

Belarus, “Ok search the castle for a secret passage that is the only place they would hide something of such importance.” The lieutenants were still standing there looking at each other.

Belarus, “You heard me get moving!” the lieutenants ran off to complete their orders. While they were Belarus was worried about his life if Hardon finds out that he failed.

Elsewhere in the Steel Water kingdom. There was a fierce battle taking place with a small pocket of Steel Water forces. Hardon was in charge and his tactics were ruthless.

The battle had only begun that morning but was already almost over. The commander of that small force was going to retreat but he was cut off.

Hardon had managed to surround the poor commander’s army and began a slaughter. Every one of the 500 men were killed but his life was spared for now.

The bodies of the Steel Water men was strewn about the battlefield bloodied and lifeless. The commander was then taken to Hardon and place on his knees in front of him.

Hardon, “Well you put up a good fight. That entertained me more than I thought it would.

Now tell me is there any more of your pathetic forces out there in the kingdom I should know about? I’m pretty sure a commander of your caliber would have that kind of information.

” The commander stayed silent not uttering a single word. Hardon, “Now come on if you tell me then I might just spare your life.” The only thing the commander did was spit in his face.

Without so much as single moment of hesitation Hardon drew his sword and sliced off the commander’s head clean off.

Hardon wiped off his face and before he was about to walk off a messenger came up to Hardon. He kneeled before him and said, “Lord Hardon I have news from Belarus.

” Hardon then looked intrigued and said, “Well spit it out.” Messenger, “Belarus is happy to announce that he was successful in capturing To’tsoh.” Hardon, “Well that is just excellent news.

Tell him that I am on my way to congratulate him.” The messenger nodded and was on his way again.

Hardon then ordered his men to pile up the bodies and set fire to them as a warning to anyone who would dare defy him.

Devon and the other men arrived at the entrance of the Blue Forest Lake after 2 hours of walking. By now the sun had set and was dark.

So instead of risking the chance to get lost in there they decided to make camp and rest for the night. They had no food nor water and the men were weary and beyond exhausted.

But despite that the men were still holding on in hopes of meeting up with the civilians. Some of them had families and were eager to be reunited.

That night the sky was clear and the air was crisp and clean. Devon laid down looking up at the sky and took in the sights and relaxed.

The calm breeze blew over his face bringing along with it fresh air that he couldn’t get in the city and soon enough drifted off to sleep.

Mysterious voice, “Hello. Hello. Wake up Devon. Wake up.” Devon could feel a warmth wash over his body and he then slowly opened his eyes.

What he was greeted with was someone he hadn’t seen in a long time and seeing her face brought tears to his eyes.

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