A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 6
A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 6 action stories

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After escaping the capital Devon and the Steel Water forces exit the tunnel and plan their next move.

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A Kingdom's Hero Pt. 6

The passage was long and very well kept for it being a secret passage. The tunnel was not just some makeshift escape route. The walls as well as the floor was all covered in stone.

Devon, “This secret passage is very well kept not only that but was well built.” Brom, “Yea well I wouldn’t know about all that.

You see I barely was promoted to a commander a few months ago after the king saw how skilled I was with the bow.

” Fendrel, “Ahh yes well this passage has always been here but it was the current king who had it fortified with stone to keep it safe for the citizens. It stretches for almost two miles.

” Devon, “Huh I see. The king must’ve really cared about his people if he built something like this for them to escape.

” Fendrel, “Yes he was a very caring king, along with his father and his grandfather leading all the way up to the very first King” Devon, “How old exactly is this kingdom?

” Fendrel, “Well from what I was taught this kingdom is over 2,000 years old and has withstood every trial and disaster.

But there are parts in its history that has been wiped from existence that no one knows about.

” Devon, “Really? Well how much history is missing?” Fendrel, “Well, I’m no scholar but my guess would be over 1,500-1,000 years ago.

It’s somewhere in between that time that we lost a good chunk of our history. If you want to hear more I suggest you talk to the royal wizard Marius.

He has been trying to uncover that lost bit of history.” Devon, “Well when we catch up to him I will.”

The soldiers had been walking for a good hour before they saw the end of the tunnel which, was closed off at the end with a wooden door.

Athelos walked up to it and tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. It was odd since the tunnels were well maintained that it should have opened easily.

He gave it a few pushes but still nothing. He then called up for Fendrel. The men had a hard time making a path for him since he was so big.

They were practically smooshed against the walls in order to let him through. He managed to make his way up to the front along with Devon who was naturally curious about all this.

They got to the door and Athelos said, “Well it seems we have hit a bit of a roadblock so to speak.” Devon, “What’s wrong?”

Athelos, “Well you see the door won’t open my guess is that the civilians may have locked it up from the outside. It was a safety precaution that the king had put in.

The only ways to get it open is if someone was on the other side or by brute force which, is why I had Fendrel come up.” Fendrel, “Well I’ll see what I can do.

Just give me some space so I can get a running start.” Athelos ordered the men to back up as they all stepped back to let Fendrel do his thing.

Fendrel first tried busting it down in his normal state but he only made it creak at the most. He then got into his battle mode and rammed it as hard as he could. Each hit weakening the door.

Until finally the door bust open and the men had finally made it through and out into the open air.

All the men had filed out of the tunnel into a wooded area that was large but also near a grassy plain. The citizens were nowhere in sight and Devon thought of where they could have gone.

Devon then asked Athelos if he had any idea where they might be. Athelos, “Ahh well getting through the tunnel was only one part of the King’s escape plan.

” Devon, “Well what is the next part?” Athelos, “You see there is a forest not too far from here called Blue Water.

The forest is large and in the middle of it is a large pristine lake that is a deep blue.

The King’s before knew how plentiful the fish were there so if the Capital was ever attacked the citizens would escape to there and would be able to live off the fish there for a while till

they figured out what to do. So that is where they are likely to head.” Devon, “Well we should head that way and meet up with them. They are likely to need protection there.

” Athelos, “Well the journey there isn’t too difficult and we actually have a small garrison of 50 soldiers there so they should be safe.

We need to take our time since the men are so exhausted they need a break.” Devon thought about it for a while and said, “Well I guess you are right but.

We can rest until the sunsets and then we can make our way to the forest.” Athelos, “Well that sounds fair we do need to get back to our people as soon as we can.

” He then got up and was about to address the troops but instead said, “You know? Why don’t you tell them?” Devon looked a bit puzzled and said, “Why me?

” Athelos, “Well if you want to gain the trust of the men then you need to start showing them what you can do.

” Devon couldn’t argue with that and he got up and thought of what to say because he had never talked to a large group of people like this let alone soldiers.

All the men’s attention were focused on him and he said, “Ok I know you all fought hard and that you are all exhausted.

So that is why we’ll be resting till sunset so you can catch your breath and rest a bit. After that we will be making our way to the Blue Forest to meet up with all the civilians. That’s all.

” There was an awkward silence when no one said anything. Devon got a little embarrassed and sat back down. Athelos, “Well that didn’t go as I expected.” Devon, “Oh gee how would of thought.

” Athelos tried not to smile as he actually found it a bit funny. Athelos, “Don’t worry about it for now I’m sure they will warm up to you eventually.” Devon, “I hope.

” Devon then sat down and laid back against a tree that was near him.

He got to thinking how crazy all this seemed one moment he was in his world the next he is fighting medieval battles and now is out in a small forest in the middle of a war.

As he thought he soon drifted off to sleep.

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