My best friend who always with me
My best friend who always with me  friend stories

riya04 Dreaming a dream...
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I spend time with my grandma. My best friend my grandma

My best friend who always with me

My grandma my nanna

Even when I was small baby then I use to travel with her . And use to live with her without my parents. I think she is my best friend. She scold me but others do, then she can't see that . She loves so do I My only grand parent

I enjoy the time with her. She knows me very well. She gives me company in every thing . I wants that she stays with me for life time but that's not possible So I will spend qaulity time and make memories

She cooks every thing that I ask for. She made me to ask my mom to cook delicious food for me.

I can eat any thing what she cooks because I know it is full of love

I love you

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