I Fell In Love With An Anonymous
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It was on hot summer when she woke up of the noises on the street but went back to sleep. She woke up again only to see a man standing besides the window and staring at her, she quickly covers herself

I Fell In Love With An Anonymous

It was on hot summer when Anna was asleep on her bed half naked, she woke up of the noises on the street but went back to sleep.

She woke up again only to see a man standing besides the window and staring at her, she quickly covers herself.

The man moved closer to her and she was scared, she was about to scream when he covers her mouth with his hand,"shhhh" he said.

"Where is he!" said one of the men who were chasing him on the street, they passed by Anna's window which was opened, they stood there for some time and went off.

He looked at Anna's face and beautiful eyes and removed his hand, he was still staring at her he couldn't resist her beauty, her hazel eyes, cute lips and a long curly hair,

she was wearing only underpants without the top on.

He sat on the bed and got closer, she moved back, he held her closer but she try to set herself free and he kissed her, caresses her and went off climbing down from the window.

In the morning, she was thinking of this man and his caresses, his blue eyes and his strong arms, she didn't like it,

a man badging in her room and kissing her but yet she wish to see him again for the last time, "what is wrong with me, I can't fall for a man just one day but...

*sigh* and went inside her apartment. At the evening, she woke up again to see him sitting on her bed, "who are you and why..., he kissed her, she just couldn't stop him and they made love.

She woke up in the morning and did not see him, who he is or where he is from she did not know but she was deep in love with him.

Her friend came in to invite her for a masquerade party which will be held in her house.

Anna lives with her father in a craftsman art detached house, her parents have broken up, due to work her father does not stay at home much, is only Anna and the maid in the house.

She went to a shopping mall to get a dress for the party, when she entered her room she saw this bag, she opened it and there was a note, "wear this", she knew it was him.

At the masquerade party, she wore a black floor length round neckless and see through back, a fitting dress that hugs her curves and shows off her legs with a thigh high slit,

she wore her sparkling silver mask, everyone was staring at her. "Wow where did you get this dress" her friend said.

She started looking around for him, she knew he will be there, suddenly someone touched her waist from behind, "dance with me" he said they danced romantically,

people were looking at them and when the music stops everyone claps.

They walked down stairs, "you look beautiful" he said she reached out and took off his mask,

"I want to see the face of the man I have fallen in love with" he smiled and moved close and kissed her, "your kisses has won me over, tell me your name, she said "close your eyes" he said,

she did but when she opened, he was gone.

She tried to find him but she couldn't, she came home after the party and when she entered her room she found him there, she run and hugged him, "stay with me tonight" he hugged her tightly,

kissed her forehead, "not to night, there is something I have to take care of, "tell me, that night who were those people looking for you?" she said, he looked at her silently and went off.

He came to a certain warehouse where there were gangsters waiting for him, as soon as he entered, one of them pointed a gun at him, "where is it, the boss shouted,

he wanted him to steal a document belonging to a rich man who also was a gangster. His job was to steal and kill him but when he reached there he couldn't.

"I don't have it", "well you have to go back and do your job or that woman will die, oh she is even here that's makes my work easy".

He looked back and saw Anna, he was surprised to see her, "what the hell are you doing here" he said angrily, she just stood there like a dead wood not ready to fall.

One of the men drag Anna to the boss, he held her tightly *he fumes* "Well go back and do as you were told to",

"sorry I don't do that anymore" he said and he took the gun that was pointing at him and shot the boss right in his chest,

all the men started shooting at him but he run and hid behind one of the tanks, he shot them one after the other and took Anna from there but he was shot on the leg, he fell down,

Anna took the gun and shot the man dead. She helped him to get up and they walked to his car, she drove to her house.

She dressed his wound, "am sorry I got you into this" he said, "she looked at him and kissed him, "that's ok. She woke up in the morning and he was gone again.

It was almost a week now and she has not seen him, she was missing him already.

she was standing at the window when she felt a hand wrapped around her waist and she felt his presence there, she closes her eyes, he turns her and hugged her tightly,

she could hear his breath and his shirtless body close to her, "I was waiting for you" she said, "I try to run but I couldn't but am here now", he said.

They made a passionate love, as she was resting on his chest she asked again "who are you" he looked at her eyes and kissed her, "all that I know is you are mine and am yours".

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