...Thank You Bully...
...Thank You Bully... bully stories

ritika Just a thinker, bleeding ink into rhythm
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Power of optimism, can change everything!
"No one said life would be easy."

...Thank You Bully...

by Ritika @ritika

Those were harsh nights, I cried every time.

I was timid and All I could do was scowl.

They picked me They hated me!

I was no male I was no female. I was other!

I was other! And now I am no more.

I am lost inside me. I don't have any good memories,

but all "Bully".

Bully! Yeah! Now, I will tell you!

I have this pen and words overflowing.

This enrich me As I cherish those unpleasant days.

They made me who I am today. They gave me power to create,

A Masterpiece! Thumbs up, Bully! I have not learned to regret.

.... Find Me Here! :-

http://www.internationaldexterity.com/2016/11/10/evacuating-tempest/ https://www.facebook.com/FeedYTBrain/ https://www.instagram.com/err1585/

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