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ritikaJust a thinker, bleeding ink into rhythm
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Just a hand at picture poetry.On the spot and quickly written!Thanks to Sydney and team! 😊


by Ritika Insta: ehsans_err1585

I don't have words I don't know what to write

These temprory slides I will explore and write

Furance of passion Igniting my flames of action

I wonder the cosmos Is not playing!

And those blurry days I remember

When I sat down Talking my heart out to you Oh! Lovely nature.

Cold I felt whenever

I sit back with you, resting my hands on my knees, Which crossed and sat on you.

Oh! Those blurry memories! Won't you remember?

Come on now! I can't wait no more! You promised me oh, beautiful! Won't you remember?

Why won't you let my story be heard? Oh, why? Won't you remember me ?

... Hope you liked it! Be free to correct and suggest! 😇😇

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