Quiet Encouragements
Quiet Encouragements dark stories

ritikaJust a thinker, bleeding ink into rhythm
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When you think their is no one to hold you, take a look around yourself again.

Quiet Encouragements

by Ritika Insta:ehsans_err1585

Those were dark days

She was sitting under me alone

Her head was down. I couldn't see anything but

But her hairs. Sobers.

I could hear those Sobers. She was trying her best to control.

But no relief. No hands to hold her tight.

I was helpless. Just trying to light more bright.

I hope she understood my message

As when she got up,

She leaned a little And looked above.

Then she gave that big smile!

I was alone on that Street. But that night, I lit more brighter than every night.

That was really very silent dark night.

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